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When you’re a mom it may feel like there’s never enough time to do everything. A Pew Research Center survey of parents who both work found that nearly four out of ten working mothers don’t get to spend enough time with their kids. Over half don’t get enough time away from their kids to interact with friends or pursue hobbies.

When you’ve got this many responsibilities pressing on you, everything you can do to win back time helps. Here are three ways automation can help you organize your schedule and get more productivity out of the time you have.

Use Smart Time Budgeting to Organize Your Calendar

There are 168 hours in a week. You can budget your time the same way you budget money by allocating hours to your priorities. One way to automate this is by using a smart calendar management app to organize your time. For instance, Google Calendar now has a feature called Goals that uses machine learning to automate your schedule. To use this feature, choose a goal and decide how much time you want to spend on it per week. Google Calendar then automatically scans your schedule and picks a time slot where you can work on your goal. If there’s a time conflict, your session automatically gets rescheduled. As Google Calendar learns your routines, it becomes better at optimizing your schedule.

Google Calendar uses the cloud to apply machine learning to your schedule, but you can run machine learning apps directly on your smartphone without relying on the cloud if you have a mobile device that supports on-device AI. For instance, smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s Artificial Intelligence platform can run machine learning apps right on your phone. This means you can access these apps and programs wherever you are, that way you’re always saving while on the go.

Consolidate Your Communications

Communication can waste an enormous amount of time. For instance, the average worker spends a third of their time at the office and half their time at home reading and answering emails, most of which aren’t important or urgent. Social media and texts can also consume huge chunks of time.

Use technology to consolidate the time you spend managing communication. For instance, Astro lets you use an automated chatbot to separate your email into a priority box and an “other” box, allowing you to put non-priority emails on “snooze” while sending you reminders about important messages. As Astro learns your habits through machine learning, it learns which of your contacts are your highest priorities and it automates repeated actions so that you don’t have to keep doing them manually.

Automate Your Bookkeeping

Keeping track of your budget and bills is another task that can chew up your time. Using apps to automate your bookkeeping can save you time and hassle.

Mobile finance apps such as Mint can save you bookkeeping time by providing a single platform you can use to manage your budget and all your financial accounts. You can set up automatic payments, as well as reminders for bills and to let you know when you’re about to go over budget. You can also track your savings and see your finances at a glance to assist you with long-term financial planning.

Automating your calendar, communications and bookkeeping management are three foundational strategies for using technology to improve your time management. By implementing these strategies, you will have more time to focus on your priorities, and hopefully more time to relax as well.


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