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If you’re a mom, you know that has to be a huge part of your life. You must spend quite a bit of time taking care of your child or children. When you become a parent, that’s all part of the deal.

Your kids need your time, and you might work outside the home as well. If you do, your schedule is probably filled up, with very little room for additional activities.

Still, you need some downtime away from both work and your kids every now and then. You might feel like you’ll go a bit crazy eventually without that.

You might want to make some new friends or reconnect with old ones if you’re going to hang out and have some adult playtime occasionally. But what’s the easiest way for moms to connect with like-minded individuals? We’ll answer that question right now.

You Can Use Social Media to Locate Old High School and College Friends

As a mom, you may sometimes feel that your kids monopolize your time. You take the best care of them that you can, protecting them in every conceivable way. For instance, you might know that child safety seats lower automotive death risks 71%, and you strap your infant in accordingly every time.

You can’t spend every waking moment looking after your kids, though. It’s not healthy. You need to spend time with other adults as well so you can relax and blow off some steam. If you have a partner or spouse, they should be able to watch the child or children while you have some “me time.”

You might decide to use social media to try to reconnect with some of your old high school or college friends with whom you have fallen out of touch. You could use Facebook to do so, or you might utilize a different social media platform, depending on which one those in your age group favor.

You can see how their lives have been going, and if you still live in the same town or city as one another, you might decide to get together in person. Several of you might be moms now, and you can likely bond over that.

You Can Take a Work Acquaintance to the Next Level

If you do work outside the home, you might decide to try reaching the next friendship level with someone there who you know. Before you’re an adult and you join the working world, often, school is the best place to make friends. Once you’ve concluded your academic life, it makes sense that you’d make friends at work since you probably spend much of your time there.

You might ask someone at work who you like whether they’d enjoy hanging out with you in a more casual setting. For instance, you could ask them if they want to get a cup of coffee, or you might invite them to go along if there’s a band playing whose music you both like. You’ll just need to get the child or children a babysitter if you decide to move forward with this sort of plan.

Look for Clubs in Your Area

You also might look online for clubs or activities in your area that you might enjoy. Whatever you like, whether it’s political action, gardening, hiking, sports, baking, or whatever else, you can find some people who appreciate the same thing. Once you communicate online with them for a while, you might decide that you want to meet them in person.

They might know about some local clubs or activities that you’d enjoy. You can all get together at a designated time, maybe once per week or more. You’ll probably come to look forward to these regular events when you can be something besides mom for a while.

You can try one of these techniques, or more than one. If you seldom communicate with similar-minded adults out of a workplace setting, and you have to act as the parent at all times when you’re at home, you might feel like you’re stifling other parts of yourself.

If you’re co-parenting, the other parent should support you having friends. Both of you sometimes need to act in different capacities other than the breadwinners and the parents. They can handle babysitting for a night while you go out and have fun with your buddies.

You can be a responsible mom while still taking some time for yourself. That way, your life should feel full and rewarding.



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