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Every parent has to deal with their share of “disasters” in the course of parenthood. From gross poop and pee accidents, puke fests, mud baths to the loss of a favorite toy or belonging, we have to handle a variety of “tragic” situations in our kids’ lives with the deftness of an emergency response unit.

Here are such 30 “disastrous” things that make me cringe as a parent on day-to-day basis. Enjoy!

1. When I have to make sonny go to school after a break. And yes, in case you are wondering, weekends also constitute as school breaks! (“I, not go school. I don’t like school.”)

2. When the iPAD shows 2% battery at the start of a meal. Picky eater needs his distraction…don’t even get me started!

3. When the doorbell rings the moment I step into the shower and sonny is the only other person in the house!

4. When I say “Shut Up!” to hubby (of course jokingly! 😉 ) and sonny decides to pick it up and repeat it for every situation he deems fit from then on!

5. When sonny decides to take a nap at 4:00 pm in the evening and then stays up until 12:00 midnight.

6. When sonny rediscovers his long-lost love for Teletubbies at 4 years age! Ugh!

7. When after slogging with sonny on some practice activity sheets for an hour (because he did not get any homework that day and he needs the writing practice), I discover his assigned school homework hidden in a rarely accessed nook of his school bag!

8. When after painstakingly putting sonny to bed (who is almost snoring by then), I try to tip-toe out of the room, only to hear a tiny voice call out “Come back to bed, Ma, its sleep time! Where are you going?”

9. When someone uses the word “Maggi” or “ice cream” or “pancake” 2 seconds before dinner time!

10. When someone gifts sonny a remote-controlled car just when we’d started breathing easy again after the batteries had run out of his other RC cars….yes, you know who you are, Mr. “someone” 😉 !

11. When sonny accompanies hubby to the departmental store and picks up 10 pencil cells from the toy section instead of any toys saying “I want batteries. I need batteries.”

12. That fateful day when he discovered glitter and glue and sticky tape hidden in his closet.

13. That fateful day when you assumed that singing a couple of rhymes (and getting it over with) would be way easier than reading ten story books at bedtime. You could never have been more wrong!

14. When sonny insists on eating ice-cream or chocolate sauce “all by himself”…especially if it is after bath time!

15. When after eating a hearty meal (for a change), sonny drinks a glassful of water and starts coughing and looking queasy (Harbinger of puke fest, in case you haven’t guessed it yet!)

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