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While there is no such concept as a “perfect nose”, you as a woman may feel self-conscious about the shape of your nose. Whether it is naturally misaligned or larger/smaller and disproportionate to the rest of your face, a surgery process called rhinoplasty (nose surgery) may help you.

In most cases, plastic surgeons evaluate your bone structure, lips and chin in order to fully understand which type of bone rearrangement will be necessary to make your nose symmetrical with your facial structure. Typically, the inner bones within the nose, including the cartilage, are shaped to be more aesthetically pleasing. With your permission, I’d like to share with you several reasons why this “simple” procedure is worth considering.

1. Breathing

By far, the most beneficial reason to undergo nose surgery is to improve the quality of your breathing. Dr. Eric Cerrati revealed to The University of Utah that nasal obstruction (one side of your nose collapsing) can be fixed by rhinoplasty. He states that “the goal is to have a more open airway bilaterally” and results do have a significant improvement. We reportedly breathe over 20,000 times each day; we wouldn’t survive if we didn’t breathe properly. Nobody can deny the powerful impact of breathing properly, as naturally breathing flushes out harmful carbon dioxide levels from our bodies. Breathing is also a critical process of breaking down foods in our bodies, aiding our digestion. Since breathing is responsible for bringing oxygen into our bodies, acquiring optimal levels of oxygen is vital for leading a healthy life.

2. Sinusitis

Of potential health-related problems, sinus infections are one of the most serious issues facing sufferers. This is because the tissue in your nose protects you from inhaling bacteria-carrying dust, crippling allergens and dangerous pollutants. When this tissue (called ‘sinus cavities’) is blocked, any number of problems prop up. Rhinoplasty can fix any one of the following problems related to the sinuses (if not all of them):

  • Mucus backs up
  • Deviated nasal septum (when one nasal passage is smaller than the other)
  • Stuffy-sounding (which is never attractive)

Sinus infections that do not go away—even after being prescribed antibiotics by a medical doctor—can spread to the eyes; even worse, they can spread to your brain. Any infection, disease, bacteria or virus that makes it way to your brain is not good for you.

3. Put An End To Bullying

People tease and bully those who look different. This social phenomenon has existed and has been acknowledged for years. It is a sad part of reality that there are just some people who find joy in taunting women who look “unacceptable” in any way. By having facial reconstruction surgery (or rhinoplasty), the chances of being teased are drastically reduced, as bullies are given one less reason to tease and harass their victims.

4. Getting Rid Of Snoring

Everyone who’s ever slept with a snorer knows that it is annoying and prevents them from falling asleep. This not only puts a strain on relationships, but also contributes to significant health problems – as a lack of sleep is responsible for a lot of daily cognitive problems.


Ultimately, the aim of rhinoplasty for women is to reshape your nose so that it compliments your face. The self confidence that you can gain from this cannot be overstated, and you have nothing to lose except self-consciousness about your nose. This is a strong issue many women face. As always, please be sure to ask your plastic surgeon any questions or voice any concerns whatsoever you may have.


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