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Our unconscious habits and routines shape us profoundly. In the past, many people were taught not to stand out, blend into the crowd, and learn how to be satisfied with things being as they are.

Only lately has the concept of personal growth gained in popularity. Personal development refers to the process of continually improving oneself to reach full potential. It is based on the belief that each person can overcome one’s flaws and imperfections, and is capable of almost anything. Personal growth is often connected with overall success and happiness in life.

Even though the idea of personal growth is a significant thing nowadays, a lot of people feel like something is holding them back from turning themselves into the best version of themselves possible.

If you are one of those people, you probably want to know what and why is keeping you far from achieving your personal goals. This article will tell you all about self-development secrets, the most common obstacles in personal growth, and ways to overcome them.

Comfort Zone

The most common factor holding most people back from becoming their best selves is the so-called comfort zone.

It is a psychological state in which things, surroundings, actions, and people feel familiar. As a result, the person is at ease and in control of their environment, experiencing low anxiety and stress levels. If somebody is in this zone, they typically will show a steady level of performance.

It is only natural that people don’t usually feel like escaping a secure and known place. However, that is what holds them back from personal growth.

To reach your full potential, you need to try and test things you have never done before. It will most likely feel uncomfortable and awkward initially, but once you do them long enough, they will become a part of your comfort zone as well.

Other People’s Approval

Many people are concerned about how others perceive and speak of them so much that they forget to listen to themselves. Any attempts to search for other people’s approval are doomed to failure.

If you do things that you don’t genuinely enjoy, you will likely do them poorly only to find approval. Moreover, it is psychologically proven that people’s progress at things they don’t like is slower than the progress at things they relish.

Self-improvement is only possible when you remember you don’t have to satisfy everyone, every time and everywhere. It is good to listen to people’s opinions, but it is even better to listen to yourself and focus on your own beliefs. If you stick to that, the right people, appreciating you the way you are, will appear on your way anyway and support you in your growth.

Constant Fear

There are numerous types of fear that could be holding you back. It all depends on your plans and goals.

Someone thinking of starting their business may fear harmful consequences, such as losing a lot of money. A person in love with someone may fear the disappointment of being rejected. Somebody looking for a job may not want to send their CV to the dream company for fear of ‘not being enough.’ The examples are countless.

The first step to achieving your dream, growing personally, and gaining new experience is to overcome the fear. Imagine the worst possible scenario thoroughly. Is it that bad? Is there truly so much to fear?

Now imagine even more thoroughly the best possible scenario. That should be your motivation to overcome any fear.

New Media

Although you may not realize this, social media hold you back from becoming a better version of yourself.

Firstly, they are time-consuming. Imagine the difference in your knowledge and well-being if you used all the time you spend on social media to read books, learn new skills, do sports, or meet new people.

Secondly, they are lying, and you believe those lies. Perfect silhouettes, fancy cars, and luxurious vacations that you can see in the digital world fuel your self-doubt.

Try avoiding the new media for a couple of days, and see how you feel.


Self-doubt, unconsciousness, and fear of success are only natural among people in the 21st century.

Some of the things that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself include searching for other people’s approval, experiencing fear, and focusing too much on the new media’s content.

A great starting point to making space for growth and improvement is listening to no one but yourself. Once the first step is achieved, you could try avoiding media for a couple of days, using imagination and self-talk techniques to visualize the best and worse case scenarios of various situations.

On top of that, you should realize that although many things may be holding you back, none of them really has the power to do so.


Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels


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