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Preparing for your first day at a new job involves quite a bit of planning. After paying a lot of attention to your attire, it pays to spend some time determining what sort of footwear would work best. You already know the office dress code, so now it’s a matter of investing in a new pair of shoes that have the right look and also provide the other benefits you want. Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect pair for your first day.

Neutral Shades Work Well

When business attire is required, you want to go with a style that is considered more traditional. Along with the style, the color should also be something that works well in most business settings. This is especially true if you will be spending part of the day in the office and the rest of the time visiting clients. At all times, you want your shoes to convey the level of professionalism you bring to the task.

Consider going with neutral shades that look great with different types of business attire. Basic black is often a great choice. Depending on the colors you have chose for the day, dark brown or a midnight blue may also be good options. You’ll find plenty of styles for Romika shoes that come in the colors you want for your basic shoe wardrobe. Since the shoes are made using the best materials, the color will hold up well even if you end up wearing the shoes more than once a week.

Comfort Matters

The first day on the job is enough to cause some anxiety under the best of circumstances. It’s enough to deal with those first day jitters; you don’t want to wear shoes that pinch the toes or otherwise distract you from putting forth your best effort. As you consider different brands, always focus on shoes that are known to be comfortable and allow your feet to breathe. Doing so increases the odds that your feet will be the last thing on your mind as you begin to settle into your new job.

You Need Support Too

Comfort matters a lot, but there’s more that you want those new shoes to provide. A lot of walking takes place during the course of the day. There’s visits with other coworkers in their office, the morning staff meeting to attend, and little trips around the office that come up on the spur of the moment. If you do spend part of the day calling on customers, that means walking on all sorts of surfaces, sometimes at a brisk pace.

All the walking can be hard on your feet unless those shoes offer the right type of support. That means proper cushioning to absorb the shock of walking on hard surfaces. It also means easing the stress on your arches. Investing in a pair of shoes that provides lots of support will ensure your feet are not in pain by the end of the day, and you won’t have to worry about leg cramps when you try to sleep that night.

Consider the Price Over the Long Term

Everyone likes a bargain, but paying the lowest price doesn’t always pay off in the long run. Consider that when you start looking at a new pair of shoes for your first day on the new job. Shoes that look great but are made with less costly materials may seem to save money. In fact, they do at first. The problem is they will wear out faster and that means replacing them with something else.

If you choose a quality shoe brand from that is made to last, it’s okay to spend a little more. The right brand will last two or three times longer than the bargain pair that you almost selected. In the long run, spending a little more now means you save a lot in the future.

Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes for your first day at that new job. You’ll feel a little more confident, enjoy the way they feel, and begin to settle into your responsibilities with fewer distractions.


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