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Most dental issues can wait until the next business day. There are times when seeking attention immediately is the only way to reverse the problem and stop the pain. If you are wondering what sort of events call for help from an emergency dentist, here are a few examples.

Sudden Swelling

Did you know that it’s possible to have a gum infection and not know it? Infections often start with no outward signs. It’s only after you notice sudden swelling and pain that comes out of nowhere that you seek help from an emergency dentist. Never assume the swelling will go away as quickly as it came. By the time the swelling develops, the infection could be severe. Get help as soon as you can.

A Tooth is Knocked Out

It’s possible to sustain a fall or be involved in an altercation that knocks one or more teeth completely out of their sockets. If you can get to a dentist quickly, there is a chance of being able to save the tooth. Time is important because there is only a short window of opportunity before reseating the tooth is no longer possible. Get to a dentist immediately while the odds are still in your favor.

Along with getting help quickly, proper preservation of the tooth is imperative. When you call the emergency dentist, instructions on how to protect the tooth will be provided. Follow those instructions to the letter and there’s a good chance the tooth will be saved.

Teeth Loose After an Accident

Loosened teeth may not seem as serious as having one knocked out, but it’s nothing to take lightly. Before healing can begin, those teeth must be firmly positioned. A dentist can examine the patient and determine the best way to align the teeth, make sure they are in a secure position, and pave the way for that healing.

Pain After a Restorative Procedure

Any type of dental procedure comes with some risk of infection or complications. Most patients will experience little to no discomfort, but a few will deal with pain, swelling, or other problems that are severe. That usually means an issue has developed. Before the recuperative process can continue, that issue must be resolved.

You will find that the team at Dr. S.V. Sharmaand Associates dental clinic in Newmarket will know what to do if you notice anything unusual in the days after undergoing a procedure. In many cases, prompt treatment takes care of the complication, alleviates excessive discomfort, and allowsyour recuperation to continue without any further incidents.

While there are issues that can wait until the next day, others need attention as quickly as possible. If you have any sense that the matter is a little out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to seek help from an emergency dentist. Prompt attention will take care of the immediate pain and eliminate an issue that could threaten your future dental health.


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