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The date for your rhinoplasty is set. Now is the time to make some advance preparations. Doing so will reduce the risk of complications and also make your recovery easier. Here are five tasks that must be on your list.

Discontinue the Use of Over the Counter Products

As with any type of invasive procedure, it’s important to avoid anything that could lead to problems during the surgery. One of the first things the medical team will recommend is that you stop using any type of over the counter pain relievers or herbal products at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery date. That’s because many of those products could thin the blood or lower the blood pressure to an unsafe level while the rhinoplasty in Edmonton is in progress.

Go Over Prescription Medications Too

Going over your prescription medications in advance is a good idea too. While your surgeon is not likely to recommend suspending their use several days before the procedure, it’s a safe bet that most of them should not be taken the day before or the day of the surgery. The surgeon can also provide guidelines for resuming the use of those medications after the rhinoplasty is completed.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke, stop as much in advance as possible. If the surgery date is set for one month from now, that means you stop smoking today. The reason has to do with the nicotine in the tobacco. It inhibits the body’s ability to heal after an invasive procedure. While you may have a rough week or two as the withdrawal symptoms set in, letting go of this habit will help you heal faster and you’ll feel better in general.

Stock Up on Nutritious Beverages

Not everyone knows that the mouth becomes quite dry after a rhinoplasty. Part of that has to do with the fact you will breathe through your mouth for a time. There’s also the natural hydration issue that occurs when patients are recovering from any type of surgery.

Before the procedure, make sure you have plenty of hydrating liquids at home. Focus more on liquids that are free from caffeine since they don’t hydrate as well as juices, flavored waters, and other choices.

Make Transportation Arrangements

You will not be capable of driving once the procedure is completed and you are released. Arrange in advance for someone to take you to the surgery and bring you home once the medical team is

satisfied that you are doing fine. Typically, it will be safe for you to drive again after several days. Remember that your surgeon will provide guidelines for what you can and can’t do once the procedure is done.

If you think this type of procedure is right for you, talk with the team at the Dr. Kristina Zakhary Clinic today. After an examination and consultation, you will know what this procedure will do for you and can decide if proceeding is the best idea.


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