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As the trick or treat season is around the corner, the preparations for Halloween parties and home decorations are in full swings. People are deciding for the most unique and creative props and costumes that they can pull off. For many people it is a competition to go as unique as possible for the maximum facebook. It is also that time of the year when you can show all your craftsy side creating beautiful, unique Halloween props. While others spend their time shopping for the ornaments and the Halloween supplies, the DIY fans can have all the fun creating enthralling, outstanding pieces and sport them in their parties. Not only it lets you have give something your own signature style but it is also super economical. If you want to try your hand at crafting your own Halloween decorations and props, here are ten cool ideas for you.

  1. DIY Halloween Kitchen Towels

One of the most prominent features in your kitchen that will also probably grab attention by others when they are hanging are the kitchen towels. They are the best way to integrate your kitchen into your Halloween theme. The best thing about this idea is that it is quick, simple, super economical and easy to follow so that people with little expertise in crafting can even pull these off quickly. You can also tweak this DIY and use it to make table napkins.

Things you will need:

  • Plain white tea towels
  • Black felt
  • Measuring tape
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Velcro
  • Glue
  • Die cuts or printed images of Halloween designs
  • Sizzix, Cricut or any other cutting machine (optional)

Take a plain while medium tea towel and take the dimensions. Then decide the design that you wish to make and make sure they are sized according to the size of your tea towel. If you have access to a professional craft cutting equipment such as a Sizzix or Cricut place your Halloween die cuts on a piece of back felt and pass it through the machine. If you are not using any craft equipment, print out the images in black ink on a regular white paper. Then place the image securely on the felt and cut the felt according to the outlines of the image. It is recommended to use simpler designd such as a Boo if using a manual method. Glue one side of the velco on your tea towel and the other part on your felt image and place the felt on the tea towel securely. Hang it and flaunt it.

  1. Footprint Ghost Craft

This is a very simple yet an enjoyable crafting activity where you can involve your kids, and they will love it. All you will need is:

  • A large piece of black cardstock paper
  • White crayon
  • White washable paint (you can use regular poster paint)
  • Black sharpie pen

Spread a thick black cardstock sheet straight on a flat surface, ideally on a floor. Paint your kid’s feet with white paint and have them step on the black cardstock sheet. Next, take a white crayon, and draw a ghost image around the footprint following the outlines of the print. Let the paint dry completely. Once the paint is dry, take a black sharpie and draw scary ghost features inside the footprint. You can also past googly eyes for an extra effect. All done.

  1. Rock Ghost Fridge Magnets

This one is yet another super simple Halloween craft activity where you can involve your kids. All you will need is:

  • Stones or pebbles (collect them while strolling in a garden or buy them off a craft store).
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black permanent marker
  • Clear sealer or lacquer spray
  • Glue
  • Magnets

Paint the stones in white paint wholly and evenly and let them dry. Take a black marker and draw scary ghost features on the rocks. You can also draw jack-o-lantern features in the same manner. Seal it with a clear sealer or lacquer spray for a professional finish and let it dry. Glue a magnet at the back of the stones and place it on your fridge.

  1. Mummies

Mummies are super scary and super easy to make at the same time. This one is yet another fin-filled crafting activity where you can involve kids. You will need the following items:

  • A cylindrical surface (you can use toilet paper rolls, chips containers or soda cans).
  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • White surgical gauze
  • Googly eyes

Paint your base surface in the thick black paint and make sure it’s covered in paint adequately. Let the paint dry. Glue the googly eyes at the top of the painted can but a little lower than the edge. Now wrap the gauze around the surface and glue it along the way to keep it secure, only leaving the eyes visible. Enjoy your mummies.

  1. Tin Can Halloween Luminaries

Luminaries are the most magnificent way to create that weird, eerie signature Halloween ambiance. You can create your own easy and economic luminaries rather than buying them off the market. Things you will need.

  • A tin can (you can use a large milk or coffee can, baby formula can or any spare can)
  • Paint
  • Sharpie or marker in the same color as your paint
  • Lacquer spray or sealer
  • Hammer
  • Nail or awl
  • Tea light candle or any regular candle

Make sure that your tin can is empty and clean. Fill the can with water and put it in a freezer. Once the water is completely frozen, take a marker and draw a design on the tin can. If drawing is not your forte, then you can also print out a design and paste it on the can, but make sure it is a simple design. Once you have your design on the can, using an awl or a nail, puncture the can at regular intervals along the outline of your design. It is recommended that you place the can on a towel while doing so.

Once you have punched all the holes through your design, place the can under hot water to melt the ice, and empty the can. Place the can on a flat surface. If you feel the base has become uneven due to ice, turn over the can and gently even out the base with a hammer. Next, paint you can using a brush or spray paint. Once dry, coat it with a lacquer spray. Place a candle inside the can, and you have you custom Halloween luminaries.



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