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Furnishing a home, regardless of your stage in life, can be a bit of a mission.

If you do not know what you’re looking for, what you are trying to achieve, and what your budget is – you are going to have an awful time. Choosing furniture for your living room or guest room is made so much easier and more enjoyable when you do a bit of research first.

For apartment living, or anywhere where space is a luxury (that means you, New Yorkers), you need to find creative ways to mix the look and functions of your furniture items.

One of the top choices in versatile furniture pieces is the couch bed. If you don’t know why, read on for five reasons why you need one:

  1. Space Saving

If you live in a cozy apartment in the city, chances are you do not have much room to store extra beds – and you likely will not have a freestanding guest room. You want to be able to accommodate guests, but you cannot compromise on your day-to-day comfort for the sake of having friends over.

If that sounds like a familiar problem to you, do not panic. All you need is a space-saving couch bed to come in and save the day. They can fit in narrow spaces and can instantly be converted into a comfortable sleeping solution for your friends or family.

  1. Versatile Design

A couch bed is a super versatile furniture item.

For comfortable seating during the day, and a cozy bed at night, these come in handy for when you need just a little more guest room during the holidays.

Many couch beds have additional storage space built in for bedding or simply extra storage space, making them even more versatile than ever.

  1. Fits Any Design Style

Couch beds come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors.

From modern futon designs to more traditional-looking options, you will easily be able to find a design style that suits your needs. If you are super tight on space, look at two-seater couch beds to provide a dual-purpose furnishing option.

  1. Perfect For Guests

Not all homes have separate guest rooms for visitors.

Sometimes, rooms need to be more dynamic – with studies, playrooms, and family rooms all being converted into sleeping quarters at night for an overflow of guests.

Beds take up a lot of ground space, so if you do not have much of that to spare, that is where the couch bed will truly shine. The versatility of their design will make your guests’ stay both comfortable and memorable.

  1. Easy To Use

In the not-so-distant past, couch beds were not easy or fun to operate – they were clunky and awkward.

Those days, fortunately, are long gone.

The modern options have a robust framework and smooth mechanisms that make them almost effortless to transform. Most couch beds these days only require a little tug to convert into a comfy bed right before your eyes.

After that, you can add a couple of scatter cushions and your favorite throw.

They are a genius solution to a common problem – and if nothing else, they look fantastic!



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