5 Kid-Friendly Features to Look for When Renting a Motorhome

Going on a motorhome vacation with young children might sound like a challenge, but it can be a wonderful family bonding experience. Little ones love the novelty of living in a motorhome, and it’s a fantastic way to ignite their sense of adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Having said that, choosing your motorhome wisely is important to ensure that your trip is a delight and not a disaster! Here are five of the main features to look for when choosing which one to rent for your next vacation.

1. Plenty of space

The first factor to make sure of is that there’s enough room for the whole family to live comfortably for the duration of your trip. For example, that might mean ensuring that there are separate sleeping areas for the adults and kids and indoor spaces for little ones to play if it rains. Other issues to think about include the location of the bathroom if there’s a dining table to eat at, and whether you want fixed beds or ones that you put away during the day. Be sure to check that there’s heating and AC too, so everyone’s happy whatever the weather!

2. Lots of storage

Traveling with young kids usually requires bringing a lot of items with you, from toys and games to towels, toiletries, clothes, and shoes. Choosing a motorhome with plenty of cupboards and closet space makes this much easier, and you won’t have to agonize over what to leave behind because you can’t fit everything in.

3. A proper bathroom

Choosing a motorhome with a toilet and shower built in will make your trip infinitely more convenient and comfortable. You won’t have to worry about finding bathroom stops along the way or how to get the kids clean after mealtimes and outdoor adventures. Some vehicles even have more than one bathroom, meaning adults and children can have their own washing space, and you don’t have to disturb sleepers by going past their bed to reach the restroom at night.

4. Cooking facilities

Being able to rustle up a meal at any time is super handy when traveling with kids, so be sure to choose a motorhome with a proper kitchen area. This could include a fridge for drinks and snacks, as well as a toaster, kettle, and even a coffee machine for mom and dad. Take a look at the vehicles available on a site such as camptoo.co.uk – you’ll be amazed by the standards that are on offer! With ovens, hobs, microwaves, and, of course, the option to BBQ, you’ll be able to dine like royalty on the road.

5. An awning

Once you’ve arrived at your chosen campsite, it’s nice to have the capability to put up an awning next to your motorhome for some extra room. It gives you the option to dine al fresco, some space to store muddy shoes without dirtying your vehicle’s interior, and a way to enjoy being outside while still sheltered from strong sunlight, wind, and rain. Some can even be used as an extra sleeping space if you need it.



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