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We all want to look good when we go out. So we spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror everyday. So, the dressing table is an essential piece of furniture in everyone’s house. Once it was considered as a commodity of only the rich but now a dressing table is a must have in every house. There are certain points in choosing the perfect dressing table for you. You can look through the Furniture at urban ladder to find some innovative and beautiful dressing tables with mirrors. But before buying it, take the following into consideration.

  • Size and space: The size of the dressing table is important. We understand that you have a lot of stuff to fit in there. But if the dressing table is too big, it would be a cupboard by itself. It should be of a suitable size matching your room. The storage space matters. If your room is small and you have lots of accessories to keep install another cupboard beside it which would complement the dressing table.
  • Material: The material of your dressing table will also determine your budget. If you want trendy yet cost effective go for the plywood or iron dressing tables as they can be molded into many shapes. But if you want traditional and can spend a little more money choose the wooden heavy solid works.
  • Bedroom color and theme: Matching the dressing table with your room is important. The color and the material should be in par with the bed room. If your bedroom has a modern theme, choose a textured wooden dressing table with a designer mirror as it would add an edge to your room. But if you have a monochrome bed room choosing a wooden plain dressing table with sleek mirrors would maintain that vibe.
  • Style: Dressing table with mirrors are available in a variety of styles and designs. You may put a mirror over it if it does not have an in built one. You may choose one with windows that the mirrors open when you open the windows or it may be exposed. Or you may choose a dressing table which is long so that you have additional drawers below to store things. You don’t even need to blow up a huge budget to get all the features you desire. You can even choose a stylish dressing table on a low budget.
  • Choosing the right area within the room: The dressing table is usually kept near the closet or bed. As people usually tie their hair or clean up before bed or need to check the mirror as they get ready or pick out clothes. So it would be better if it is placed according to your needs.

After you have chalked all that you need from your dressing table, choose a reliable shop. The material, size, etc. is important but a chair or stool is a must have along with the dressing table. It should complement the dressing table as well as the bedroom theme. You may also have an additional wooden cupboard either on the wall or beside the dressing table to store in the extra accessories.


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