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Security camera systems today aren’t as simple as most people think. Today’s top-of-the-line security cameras have so many useful functionalities and cool tricks that enable you to get more creative. Whether you’re in the market for a futuristic new security camera system or you’re a techie keeping up with the latest advancements in home technology, here are five interesting things you can do with the best security cameras on the market today.

1. Protect Your Garden and Lawn From Animal Intruders

Humans aren’t the only thieves that might approach your property. Moles, ground squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, groundhogs and other animals can do a number on your lawn. If you have a garden, they’re even more tempted to wreak havoc on your landscaping and steal the plants you’re growing. A security camera system with motion detection can sound an alarm whenever these pests enter your backyard or garden.

2. Create Time-Lapse Videos

Some surveillance systems have a time-lapse feature that lets you condense hours, days, weeks or months of video into a short seconds-long video. This lets you see changes over time, such as a home renovation or the growth of a garden. With color night vision technology, you don’t lose the video’s color when night falls. You can witness the magic of nature and wildlife even at night by making beautiful time-lapse videos.

3. Medical Emergency Alert System

Security systems should be about keeping your family members safe. The best home surveillance systems include an emergency alert when medical assistance is needed. Especially for senior citizens living alone or family members with medical conditions, this element is a must-have.

4. Protect Your House and Family From Environmental Threats

Your home security camera system should be able to protect against more than a home invasion. Fires also pose a threat to your family’s safety, as well as to your home and possessions. Advanced security cameras can use heat detectors to catch the slightest changes in heat before they cause damage.

Some have water sensors that protect you from potential flooding by alerting you of roof leaks or basement flooding before it gets bad. Smart sensors on certain security systems can also sniff out carbon monoxide leaks and alert you immediately. If you’re in freezing temperatures, you can be alerted of freezing pipes before they become frozen.

5. Reduce Your Insurance Cost

When you invest in a security camera system, you’re bringing down the cost of your home insurance. Most home insurance agencies provide a hefty discount when you equip the home with a surveillance system. When your system has advanced features protect against environmental damage, the cost can go down even more.

Getting More Out of Your Home Security Equipment

With the abilities of emerging technologies, home security is able to offer a lot more than it did in the past. For those who invest in a security camera system, the benefits and rewards are greater than ever. While more advanced equipment may cost more, it’s because it’s able to guard your home and serve your family in ways standard equipment fails to. Plus, this list only scratches the surface of what cutting-edge security tech is capable of. There’s a lot more to explore, but one thing’s for sure: if you get creative and use the latest features, you’ll be able to get a lot more out of your home security equipment than basic camera surveillance.



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