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Oh, how time flies. 2018 is already upon us, and you probably have a new set of goals you want to conquer this year. One of these goals should be to drive more targeted traffic to your blog. Your past efforts might not have worked out well, but it’s never too late to make the necessary adjustments and inch your way toward becoming a top blogger in your niche. These 5 tips for growing your blog audience should kick-start your quest for growing your blog audience.

5 Tips for Growing Your Blog Audience

1) Make your personality shine

Are you the type of person who couldn’t seem to stop reading blogs? It seems that everyone has a blog these days, yet only a few manage to build a loyal audience. There’s this uncanny trend in the world of blogging where a blog either has a massive number of followers or almost none at all.

According to Scott Chow of Blog Starter, creating a distinct personality is of utmost importance for any blogger. This process starts from the moment you decide on what topic to blog about and what domain name you want for your site. Simply regurgitating what other people say on the web won’t get you far. Showcase your personality through your content and let it give you an edge as you lure in more visitors.

2) Increase brand visibility

No matter how good your content is, it’s next to useless unless your target audience sees it. You must increase brand visibility if you wish to compete against other bloggers in your niche. It’s also interesting to learn that online users tend to place more trust in brands they’re familiar with. You can’t afford to be just another blogger. Instead, use different platforms to present your content and let your followers know that you’re as good as any blogger out there.

3) Figure out where target market spends time online

One of the keys to maximizing traffic is to spend the most of your time, effort, and resources in the platforms used the most by your target market. Even if you feel uncomfortable using social media platforms, it’s necessary to learn how to use them for marketing your content effectively. With billions of active users, you should easily see what social platforms can do for your blog. Also, don’t forget to consider less popular approaches such as using question and answer websites. These platforms offer an excellent opportunity to show your expertise in your field, thus boosting brand reputation.

4) Get more personal with your followers

Online users like it when brands communicate with them on a more personal level. Getting custom messages instead of automated replies is better appreciated by your followers. Start with simple steps such as replying to blog comments and sending personal email newsletters. This simple trick can make your followers feel more valued, which mean they’re more likely to become loyal brand advocates.

5) Do something unique

There are several ways to set you apart from other bloggers, but perhaps the most important is by doing something unique. For example, you can use the different features of social media platforms to create a more engaging experience for your followers. Imagine using Facebook Live to demonstrate the many benefits of using your product or service. Other ideas include creating contests, featuring user-generated content, and using visual content such as GIFs and infographics.

You may notice that none of these tips are particularly groundbreaking. The real challenge lies in staying consistent. Take things one step at a time and before you know it, you have thousands of visitors flooding your blog on a daily basis.


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