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Selling a home is no easy task. There are a considerable amount of steps that go into the home selling process, such as: choosing a listing agent (unless you opt for a virtual real estate agent), getting a valuation on your home, staging your home, the extensive undertaking that is marketing your home, scheduling open houses, negotiating, and a plethora of other important tasks. However, the beauty of technology and the expansion of it is that it automates a lot of tedious tasks and generally speeds up processes that would have taken far longer without it.

Bring music to the ears of your buyers

As a home seller, the most crucial part of getting your property sold as soon as possible is the ability to stand out from the rest. All open houses more or less follow the same theme: show potential buyers around the house, and talk about current features and amenities. While this is perfectly fine and expected, it is important to make your open house stand out from the rest so that buyers have a memorable impression of you. Your house will stand out from the rest with a multi-room digital sound system that lets you play the same or different songs in several rooms throughout the house. This’ll definitely lighten up the mood and make your house look far more technologically luxurious than your competitors. Aton makes switchers and speakers for surround-sound audio that spans up to 6 rooms.

If you’re not a handyman and don’t want to deal with wiring the entire system yourself, opt for Sonos’ wireless, multi-zone digital sound system. Once your home is prepared with all the setup, get some sweet speakers to show off your new system. Boston Acoustics makes a full range of in-ceiling speakers starting at $150 per pair.

Get impressive aerial footage of your home

In the past, getting gorgeous, aerial footage of anything required a hefty investment and a trained filming crew. Now with the help of technology, you can replicate those same dramatic results in your own backyard on a Sunday morning. The possibilities are endless with drones! Flying up several feet of driveway to the front door, soaring down from the sky and around the perimeter of your house in dramatic, film-like form, highlighting particular details of the house like the gutter, or roof top, are all feats made easy.

Camera drones and their ground-based cousins, Glidecams, also make it possible to tour the inside of your home, and create quality, whole-house motion tours! With drones, you possess the power to elevate your property listing from the rest, increasing the attractiveness of your home.

Responsive temperature control through the Smart Thermostat

Ever heard of a smart thermostat? Essentially it’s a device that uses intuitive manual control to cool or heat your home, depending on your comfort and energy-saving needs. The thermostat uses fancy algorithms like geofencing, a feature that allows it to automatically adjust the temperature as you leave and return to your home. For example, what’s the point of running cool air in a home you won’t be occupying until you get off of work at five? The thermostat knows this, and will power off when you’re out and about. Further, it has other pretty sweet features like voice control!

And the best part of this thermostat? It only costs $130 if you buy Honeywell Lyric T5 smart thermostat! You’re only investing $130 dollars, and yet you get to boast this fancy system to all your potential buyers (thus increasing the value and appeal of your home)! People aren’t that complicated when it comes to shiny new technology, and will likely choose the house with a high-tech temperature system over one without it, barring no critical deal-breakers.

Virtually stage your home

One of the best ways to showcase your home to potential buyers is to stage it. In the past, homeowners often staged their homes themselves—but that’s time-consuming. Hiring a professional to do all the work you? That’s also expensive. And even if you do end up staging your home, you might not get the visibility you hoped for.

The answer to all your woes? Virtual staging. Indicative of the name, the staging process is entirely virtual. One of the biggest advantages, first and foremost, is that you can dramatically expand your market with virtual staging. After all, no need for someone who lives hours away to check out your home when they can just view a high-def replica online, right? More exposure means the faster sale of your home. Additionally, virtual staging can take on many ‘looks’. Appeal to your audience accordingly by honing in on their tastes.

So much does this cost? Sounds expensive, right? Nope! Whereas the physical staging process will probably run you a couple thousand dollars, a virtual one will only cost you a couple hundred. Big difference.

The power of social media

The power that comes with social media is unparalleled. With the use of popular hashtags, make it so that your listing is seen by hundreds of thousands of users—all in a click of a button! Particularly, Facebook is great for homeowners looking to sell their home. Adam Briley, a real estate agent for the Briley Team in Omaha, NE, cites Facebook as being a powerful tool for him and his agents, and that of the 105 homes the team sold that year, 25 were sold through Facebook.

Additionally, the greatest thing about social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter (and more!), is the remarkably low barrier to entry. You get to build buzz around your listing and get access to an impressive user base, all for free! This is an unbeatable advantage, especially when you need to utilize your budget for other important home staging steps, such as paying a handyman or installing that fancy thermostat system.












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