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Getting into the fashion business is not easy and might even be scary for some people. There are lots of tasks to be done and most of the time; one person is not enough to handle all the work. Now you might be worrying that you’ll have to hire a bunch of people to manage your business. Luckily, we live in a world of advanced technology, and some tools will help you with your tasks so that you’ll be more efficient. If you want to know how technology can do this for your business, then read on!


One of the best things that technology gave to the business industry is the ability to communicate with each other anytime, anywhere. In the past, people would need to send emails to talk about important things. While this is more efficient than sending handwritten letters, it still won’t compare to the flexibility that today’s technology is giving to businesses.

Today, it’s much easier to communicate. There are video conferencing platforms where you can chat with your staff. The instant exchange of ideas makes it seem like you are talking to them face to face. Giving them the tasks that they need to do is also a lot easier because of this. Some examples of such platforms are Skype, TeamViewer, and Google Meet.

Aside from video calls, voice calls, and private messaging, these platforms also allow screen sharing. This feature enables other parties to see your computer screen. If you need to teach your staff some technical topics, they’ll have a good view of your computer screen. Your screen will act like your blackboard. You can present, teach, and talk to your staff even when you’re not really in the office.

Because of these features, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy even more flexibility at work. If you are sick or won’t make it to the office, all you have to do is to open your laptop and connect to the internet.


Technology doesn’t just bring you flexibility in your business; it also makes the team more productive. Timekeeping software monitors the productivity of an employee. Aside from this, they make sure that the working hours of your employees are spent on work and not on browsing online. Some examples are TimeDoctor and Hub staff. These platforms take screenshots of the employee’s screen so that you can review whether they are working.

Task management software is also popular today. This software allows you to see and focus on the tasks that you need to finish. Through this kind of tool, you will also be able to assign tasks to your employees easily.

 Customer Service

Your customers are important. Which is why you should prioritize them in every way you can. When your customers are satisfied with your products, they will love your brand. But that’s not the only way you can make your customers happy.

Dealing with issues, inquiries, and after-sales services are also important. As a business owner, you have to make sure that your staff is dealing with their concerns professionally. Clients love it when they can reach customer support at any time of the day. While having a hotline for customer concerns are okay, chat support services are better since people from all over the world can reach you quickly over the internet.

There are various ways to provide chat support to your clients. You can do it over social media or other customer service tools that you can integrate on your business’ website.

Record keeping

Record keeping manually for your business is still possible today, but it would take a lot of time compared to recording using today’s technology. There are a few tools that keep records safe using passwords. These sort of software prevents other people from seeing confidential documents.

Accounting processes are also easier to do with the help of new accounting software. Since accuracy is also essential when making records, there are advanced tools that make it possible.

By using new and modern ways of recording your transactions as well as keeping your documents in the business, you’ll get more work done. You’ll be faster, more efficient, and you’ll be able to avoid errors.


As a designer and business owner, you want your business to thrive and to be loved by a lot of customers. Having an effective marketing method will help you succeed and achieve these aspects. Aside from traditional marketing, technology now supports a lot of businesses to succeed in their marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is getting popular today. It allows businesses to reach out to clients directly. Since people are always online, this is a smart way of getting the attention of your target market.

Another marketing technique is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have a website for your business, then you must aim to be noticed by everyone around the world. By using SEO techniques, your page can appear at the top of search results and will hence more customers will trust your brand.

Technology is helping us in our everyday lives. It has changed our lifestyles in a lot of ways. And your business can also enjoy the benefits that technology has to offer. You can use it to be more flexible at work especially when it comes to emergencies.

Improving your productivity and efficiency in the business is also much easier because of various platforms. However, you should not forget that hard work is still vital to get the success that you want. You might be able to get customer service software for your business but genuinely caring for your clients is something that will make them loyal to your brand.

Using technology to improve your business in these areas is utterly fabulous. But the attitude, professionalism, character, and the quality of product that you’ll give to your customers are still the most important things at the end of the day.

Article prepared by Sewport founder – Boris Hodakel.





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