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Moving can be tough and even tougher on kids. As a kid, saying goodbye to your neighborhood and school friends, the room you put your little touches on, and the house that was once a safe haven to you, can be extremely difficult to let go. As a parent, you know your little one will get used to the adjustment with some time. However, for some, that may be easier said than done. Try your best to empathize with your kids, do little things that will get them excited about moving, and most importantly, give them some extra love and attention as they go through this change. Here are a few tips to help you and your littles transition into your new home.

Get them a housewarming gift

Just as you might receive housewarming gifts from your friends, your little one should also get a housewarming gift of her own. Something as simple as 18 inch doll clothes to add to their doll’s “new closet” can be used as a way to welcome a new season of life. If you’ve got a toddler, a new lovey such as slumberkins can come in handy when it comes to bedtime in their new room as an addition to help them feel safe and comfortable in their new space. Whichever gift you choose, be sure to take it a step further by wrapping it up and placing it in their new room as a surprise welcome home gift.

Get to know your neighbors

If your little one has made friends at daycare or preschool, chances are they will miss their playtimes together. As soon as you’re settled, try going for walks to give them a chance to get to know the neighborhood and new neighbors. Depending on the length of your walk, be sure to take your Ergobaby stroller, that way they have the option to ride around and be more observant and comfortable, versus being on foot and being distracted by their desire to run. Afterall, toddlers only know one speed and that is fast. By strolling them around, they’ll be more aware of their surroundings. Who knows, maybe there will be a kid or two that will become their new best friends. If your intention is to meet kids, go for walks in the morning or afternoon when playtime is popular instead of going during the most common nap or meal times.

Keep the same schedule

Newborns and babies can also be affected if you throw their schedule off. Between moving and getting situated, life can get a little hectic. Because babies are creatures of habit, it’s very important to keep their meal and nap times the same as much as possible. If they are used to being cuddled throughout the day but you need to use the time to unpack and get some things done around the house, a baby carrier can come in handy while they’re up so they feel close to you, while baby swaddle blankets can make them feel right at home while they sleep. If your baby is learning how to walk, sitting them in their walker and letting them roam safely around the house with you while keeping a watchful eye on them can also help them get acquainted with their new digs.

Allow them to make decisions

When moving, be sure to set up their room first. You want to make sure that their room is as comfortable and as settled as it can be so that they don’t feel a lack of organization, but instead, more welcomed and at home. If you’ve got kids that are old enough to let you know where they would like certain things to go, ask them. Whether it’s the direction of their bed, choosing new decor such as bedding or window coverings, or even something as simple as what they would like to get rid of and what they would like to keep, it can give them a sense of control over a situation they didn’t have a say in.

Keep in touch with your friends

No matter if you’ve moved to a completely different state, a new city, or just a few blocks away, keeping in touch with your old friends is important. It teaches your kids to have lasting and healthy relationships, which is easy to do in this digital era. If your kids are too little to hold a conversation, schedule a playdate so they can “digitally” play together. Watching kids play on YouTube is very popular with toddlers so this should be easy. If you’ve got older kids, allow them to have some time to Facetime their old friends and catch them up on their new lives so they have someone to talk to other than their parents. You can always go back to visit on vacation, and vice versa if they are ever in town.  You can all visit and pick up right where you left off. Afterall, if long distance relationships can survive, long distance friendships can too.

The important part is to give your kids time to adjust no matter how long it takes. Since they had no say in this big change, it is important that you give them the tools they need to move on emotionally.


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