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Your wedding should be one of the most memorable events of your life. It could be even more memorable if you are going to have wedding hashtags as guests will surely use it on their social media accounts when posting pictures on your wedding day. Thus, you can always take a look back yearly and will remember great memories on your wedding.

But when you make up your guest list and ask those special ones to witness the occasion, you want it to be a special night for them too. So, while all the planning is about the two of you starting a new life together, your guests are a key element in what will make the whole thing special. Here are five magical ways you can make the day memorable for them too.

1. Get Them In The Spirit Before The Ceremony

Guests who don’t know each other can make things kind of awkward for everyone. To break the ice, while you’re both in the back getting all gussied up in your wedding tux and gown, encourage them to use this time to get to know each other. You could arrange for a pre-wedding cocktail hour just before the ceremony or if you have the luxury of time, you could plan an event you can all enjoy together the day before.

2. Share Your Story With Them

Whether it’s part of the ceremony or before, find the opportunity to share some personal details about you as a couple. Sharing part of the story that brought the two of you together can help them to feel like they are a part of the union. The ceremony will just be one part of the continuing saga. They will be thrilled to learn how you met, how you knew that he or she was the one and other cherished pieces of your romantic life. 

3. Choose Wedding Favors They Will Use

If you’re planning to spend a portion of your wedding budget on these little gifts for your guests, then it should mean something to them. Make sure that the memorabilia you choose to give them is something meaningful and they can and will put to use. This way, every time they use it, they’ll think of you and how you spent that one special day together.

4. Make Them A Part of It

You want your guests to be more than just casual observers, you want them to feel like they are a part of the entire event. Some couples arrange for guests to speak openly about their relationships with the bride and groom, make a toast, or extend gifts. The beauty of this arrangement is that when given the chance, guests can be just as creative as you want to be. You might be pleasantly surprised when you see what they might do to contribute to your happy future. 

5. Set Aside A Part Of The Evening As A Tribute To Them

Giving a thank you tribute to your guests could go over really big. Choose something that you know they would all feel special about. It could be something romantic, funny, or classy. Some people have arranged dance lessons for their guests. Others have arranged a special stop between the ceremony and the reception. Just make sure it is something they can all enjoy while you’re off getting your photos done. You can choose something unique that may not have ever been done before or you can go traditional, as long as you choose this event to honor those people who have come out to support you as you start your new life together.

Whether you are the classy type that wants to follow all the rules, or you’re one of those who lives life on the quirky side, deciding on something special for your guests can make a real difference in how quickly they warm up to each other on your special day. There are many ways you can accomplish this, just make sure that what you choose shows them how much you care and reflects your genuine personality.


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