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Whether you’re replacing a faulty appliance or purchasing new kitchen appliances for a renovation or remodel, the selection process can be overwhelming. A kitchen upgrade is always a good investment, as its improved functionality and aesthetics boost your home’s value. Appliances complement your kitchen design, and this is why you should factor them into the kitchen designing process.

When buying kitchen appliances, it’s essential to consider your kitchen size and the space available, your style, energy efficiency, cost, and ease of use. Before shopping for kitchen appliances, have a budget and a design plan to simplify the selection process. Here are kitchen appliances mistakes to avoid:

1.   Ignoring energy efficiency

If ignored, kitchen appliances can increase your home’s energy consumption, impacting your utility bills. To choose energy-efficient appliances, identify the EnergyStar label because their efficiency is assured. You can seek online appliance help to ensure you buy the right kitchen appliances. The size of the appliance also matters. For example, if you buy a dishwasher and never manage to fill it, you could end up wasting energy and increasing electricity bills. Apply the size rule for other appliances like kettles and washing machines.

2.   Failure to measure your space

If you don’t measure your space before purchasing appliances, they may stick out or not fit at all. Consider measuring the available space to ensure you can accommodate the appliance and still have enough room to operate. Disregarding your kitchen space means you have to waste time going through the return policy.

3.   Ignoring maintenance costs

Maintenance costs can be very high, especially for cheap appliances. While maintenance and repair costs are inevitable, buying quality appliances regardless of the cost lowers these costs since they don’t break down as often. Consider inquiring about the available authorized repair shops. Choosing appliances that come with lifetime warranties saves you the repair and maintenance costs.

4.   Overloading your refrigerator

When you overload your refrigerator, you block airflow from the vents, causing your refrigerator motor and condenser to work harder to ensure the set temperature. This can also lead to burnout on several parts of the unit, reducing its lifespan. Bacteria can grow inside the fridge thanks to an airflow blockage, leading to health issues from consuming the food stocked inside. Overloading the refrigerator can also wear and tear or damage the whole appliance, leading to increased energy consumption.

5.   Not studying the warranty

Since most kitchen appliances are used daily, they can become damaged over time.  Kitchen appliances are an investment, so it’s essential to research and compare different models to get the items that offer you value for money. Examining the warranty helps you determine the costs covered by the warranty and for how long. Find out if they provide regular inspections to increase your appliances’ lifespan.

6.   Inappropriate loading of the dishwasher

Overloading your dishwasher and placing dishes in the wrong spots are common mistakes you should avoid. Read your manual to identify any loading instructions about what dishes should go in the top rack, the ones that should go to the bottom rack, and how you should load them.


Kitchen appliances are a costly home investment that should be consciously chosen and used. Avoid the above mistakes to ensure your appliances’ optimum performance and longevity.




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