6 Makeup Hacks that Make Your Eyes Pop

There is nothing more gorgeous than eyes that have a healthy and sparkling look.  It’s easy to give your peepers amazingly gorgeous features that everyone will fall in love with. The first thing is to know the shape of your eyes, your skin color, and your preferences. This combination will help you find the kind of makeup that will be best for you. 

Makeup Hacks

Use the right eyelashes for your eye shape

Your eyes define who you are in a big way. One of the best ways to care for your eyes is to adorn them with the best false lashes. But with a market that has thousands of different brands and styles, it can be tough to find the best lashes for your eye shape. 

Look yourself into the mirror to determine the shape of your eyes. The common shapes are round eyes, small eyes, monolid, hooded, and almond eyes. Order eyelashes based on your eye shape from Ardell, KVD Beauty, Velour, or Lilac St. to add volume to your eyes so that they pop. The right choice of eyelashes will give your eyes a flattering illusion without casting a shadow on them or hiding them. 

Brighten the base of your eye

Your eyes can have a screaming redness or dark spots at the base of the lids. Even if your eyes naturally pop, these blemishes will make them look sunken and smaller. Make your skin tone even on your entire face by concealing the base of your eyes with a concealer. Partially apply the concealer on both the inner and outer corners of your eyes. These areas naturally look darker, but by applying the concealer, you will add light to them to make them brighter. 

Your eyes will look more awake and give an illusion of naturally popped-out eyes. Some concealers in the market are better than others. Some are formulated with eye protection ingredients that make your eyes firmer and more flawless.  

Make the lids smoky

The purpose of a smoky eyeshadow is to lift your eyes and make them more pronounced. One of the all-season shadows to use is the nude shadow pallet. There is nothing as rocking as a smokey shadow look due to its timelessness. 

It gives your eyes a bold statement and it perfectly blends with any type of skin tone. The smokey eyeshadow gives your eyes a sharp look by adding depth and broadening them out. Play the trick wisely by using darker colors on the crease and making them brighter towards your brow bone. You may define the eye edges with a brighter color to make them shimmer.

Apply eyeliner for a great eyelid

You can try different styles for applying eyeliner. You may draw it on a thin line above the upper lashes, lower lashes, or decide to apply it on both sides. Nothing prevents you from applying a liner along the waterlines too. It will boldly make your eyelashes look lush and its attractiveness will draw all attention to your eyes. There is more you shall achieve because you will change the shape of your eyes by making them pop. 

Make the brows look full

Sparse eyebrows will not look attractive on you but there are several tricks you can use to fill them. Fill them carefully, ensuring you keep the eyebrow hair in place. Brush a layer of brown mascara into the brows to fill the gaps and keep them upwards. 

Avoid mistakes that make your eyes look smaller

Unless you ditch some makeup habits, they will keep working against you every time you try to pop your eyes with makeup. Minimize makeup on the lower lids and lower lashes. Too much makeup on this area will make your eyes look sleepy and small. 

The moment you discover the best color that pops your eyes, your biggest temptation might be to apply dozens of layers of the shade. Avoid filling your entire eye with the tone. Instead, use at least two different shades. Too much color will draw the attention away and the makeup will look too far away for your eye. 




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