7 Benefits of Playing Video Games for Kids You Perhaps Didn’t Know About

Video game playing has drawbacks, but it also has some unexpected advantages. Children can develop their abilities and social connections through video games. Children that play video games are frequently very imaginative and are able to find “Waldo” or notice things in life more quickly than their peers. You might be shocked as a parent to find that your child is the first person to identify a specific species at the zoo. Or that they are able to pinpoint each piece of candy if it is dropped on the ground. This could be explained by the fact that they play video games.

When children play video games, there are obvious safety precautions for families. Some children struggle to stop playing or switch between games. Others experience mood changes while playing or afterward, or they become hyperfocused. There are other children who are withdrawn or wholly preoccupied with video games. Yes, these are downsides. There are certain benefits as well, though.

In general, those who play video games like Fortnite (which is also among the top games for betting for adults at bookmakers by the link who have eSports markets) or Rocket League have better visual acuity, which enables them to follow several moving objects at once or even see details in the rain or fog that others are unable to. It is one of the many advantages of playing video games that academics have found. It would be worthwhile to show the most recent findings to people who believe video games are a waste of energy and time or a bad influence on your life, with special reference to the children in the story.

Here are seven unexpected advantages of video gaming for kids:


Children who play video games could see a slight improvement in their reading abilities. This is valid for children who have difficulty reading even when they play action games. This may occur because children are obliged to read text instructions in order to play. There is also the fun element. For the most recent information on their preferred game, children who are unwilling to open a conventional book may hurry to read a webpage or internet forum.

But that does not imply that video games should take the place of books.

Spatial and Visual Intelligence

Kids must navigate 3D virtual environments in many games, for instance, Minecraft. Additionally, there is no smartphone map software or GPS to guide the journey.

Kids that play these games get the chance to use their visual-spatial skills as a result. This may help them comprehend distance and space better.


The challenge lies at the core of every video game. Like Space Invaders, certain video games can be thoughtless. However, a lot of other activities provide kids the chance to tackle an issue and try to find a solution, such as solving puzzles and mysteries and running virtual towns or empires.

Children who play these computer games become more organized, flexible thinkers, and better planners. Do not, however, get too thrilled about this. It is unclear whether these problem-solving abilities from video games translate to real life. Furthermore, there is no proof that so-called “train the brain” games may enhance practical skills.

Social Relations

In real life, some children struggle to fit in and make friends. They can find a haven in video games where they can connect with others in a positive way. Games provide virtual playdates with actual friends in the midst of our hectic lives.

Thanks to video games, children have something to talk about at school. Nowadays, kids talk about games frequently, just like they do about sports and music. Kids that struggle to come up with conversation starters may benefit from having a gaming passion.

On the other hand, youngsters who have social difficulties in real life could also struggle online. This may develop in online multiplayer video games. Some players like provoking or harassing other players. Trolling frequently occurs in an anonymous, random, and unexpected manner. Children may find it quite upsetting and it will remind them of how their friends act in real life so they will not be able to cope with this.

Creative Play and Incitement to Imagination

Young children have a lot of room for imaginative play, whether it involves dolls, make-believe, or LEGOs. Society, however, occasionally looks down on that play for tweens and teens. Children can continue their imaginative play by playing video games.

There are opinions that suggest that playing games fosters original thought. Young gamers aged 12 were asked to sketch, narrate stories, address questions, and make predictions in one study. High levels of originality and interest were displayed by every child.

Developing Numerous Skills

You are practically exercising your brain when you keep a watch on your adversaries, snag the greatest loot, and switch between your arsenals without even glancing at the controller. Such difficulties are right up your alley, and playing video games can help your brain develop. It is one of the reasons why gamers make better surgeons and why some medical professionals even play video games to warm up before major operations.

Playing video games can help you learn new skills. No matter how many times it takes to defeat the boss or advance to the next level, for instance, they might instruct you to persevere. The perseverance you display in video games demonstrates how working hard will help you accomplish your objectives both within and outside of the game. While playing an online game like solitaire will help develop strategic muscles and improve your mental functions.

Potential Career in Video Gaming

The 16-year-old Fortnite World Cup champion took home $3 million. Each of the other 99 single finalists received a prize worth between $50,000 and $1.8 million. Just saying…

To have a chance at becoming a pro gamer, your child will need access to a good internet connection so they can get plenty of practice in. If the speed of your current internet is not up to scratch, then it is recommended that you research what is a good internet speed before changing providers.

The likelihood of becoming a professional video gamer is extremely slim, just like in professional sports. But compared to conventional sports and entertainment, the video game business is expanding considerably more quickly. There are numerous opportunities in this expanding business, including those in marketing, coding, and event management.


You need to work smarter as well as harder if you want to excel in video games. It takes more than repeatedly employing the same tactic to defeat the ultimate boss or a truly strong opponent. Instead, video games teach you to think through and test many solutions to challenges.


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