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Food and kitchen waste make up a large section of the waste we produce in the home. Hence, it is logical that when you want to reduce the amount of domestic waste you make, you should consider reducing your kitchen waste. Sometimes, given the amount of waste, people can opt to dispose of their trash in a way that is not good for the environment. There are affordable services and companies you can hire to make sure your waste is handled correctly, such as Away Today Randwick Rubbish Removal. Here is how to reduce waste in your kitchen.

Use reusable cups and plates

Paper cups and plates are so fragile that you can use them just once or twice. That means that by the end of the week, you will have a heap of disposable cups and plates in your trash. Ditch these eat wares for luxury plates and cups. Reusable plates and cups are not flimsy, and they are easier to handle. These plates and cups also keep your food hot or cold for a long time. Elizabeth Plumb, The Home Makers Journal blogger is using reusable cups for the last 3 months and she realizes that the monthly waste generation in her office has reduced by one third. Another good thing about these cups and plates is that you can avoid spills caused by flimsy eat wares.

Get carrier bags

If you go for grocery shopping frequently, you will be dealing with lots of plastic bags. Almost everything you buy will be packed in a plastic bag for you. These bags take up a large chunk of your trash. You can considerably reduce the amount of waste in your kitchen by getting a reusable carrier bag instead. You can get about two or three of them and keep them at places where you can conveniently pick them up when you need them. You can leave a couple of them in your car as well. With these bags, you won’t be coming home with dozens of plastic bags.

Get a compost bin

Lots of communities have compost pickup services, and they form part of trash services. Make your food waste reusable by decomposing it. Get a composting bin and always leave your vegetable, fruits, and other food scraps in it. You don’t need to do the composting yourself; the trash collection service in your community like Paul’s Rubbish Removal will take care of it.

Use cloth napkins

You will find it convenient to use paper napkins at home since you can just dispose of them after use. Many people will argue that these napkins are inexpensive, but that is only because they have not calculated the total amount of money used in purchasing them for a year. Paper napkins do not only cost a lot of money; they make a lot of waste in your home. It is better to switch to cloth napkins. They clean better, and you don’t need to dispose of them when they are dirty. You will only need to wash it. That means that you will be reducing the amount of waste you make in your kitchen.

Store food in reusable containers

If you have been packaging your food in foils, wraps, and zip lock bags, it is about time you switched. These packaging’s make a lot of waste in your home. It will be better to use jars, wraps, and containers. You can reuse these things for repackaging your food items. That means that you won’t be throwing out foils and other disposable packaging as often as you used to. That can reduce the amount of waste you make in the kitchen

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