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The first evidence of coffee appears in the mid 15th century in Yemen. Today, more than five hundred years later, coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. Actually, it takes the second place right after water. According to Zagat’s 2015 Coffee Survey, eighty-two per cent of surveyed consume coffee drinks every day.

It’s a great source of energy, and honestly, I can’t recall a better drink to start my day with (Sorry tea lovers). Along with its energizing power, coffee has many other benefits.

In the article you will learn more about the unusual uses for coffee. You will be surprised how useful coffee is, it can help you even with the household work. But before you start reading, make a cup of coffee and do not throw away coffee grounds.

  1. Get Rid of Fridge Odors

    In case your fridge smells bad you can use coffee grounds to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Here is what you need to do. Put a bowl with coffee grounds in the back of your fridge for a week or two. It will absorb the smell. Replace the coffee grounds every two weeks for constantly fresh smell.

  2. Clean Dishes and Counters

    Sprinkle coffee ground on a cleaning cloth and use it to scour dried food from pans and dishware. Coffee is an abrasive, but it’s not as harsh as other cleaning products. You can even clean kitchen counters without worrying the surface will be damaged. But first, make sure all items do not have any scratches before washing them, because coffee grounds can color them.

  3. Clean Fireplace

    Coffee grounds can be used even for fireplace cleaning. First, let the embers cool, then sprinkle damp grounds over the ashes. Thus, the dust from sweeping will be eliminated.

  4. Remove Furniture Scratches

    With instant coffee you can cover scratches on wooden furniture. Make a paste using instant coffee and oil. Rub it into the scratched furniture, or apply with a cotton stab. Don’t forget to test on less visible part first to prevent further damages. I learned this tip few years ago from one of my neighbors who worked as a maid in Atlanta GA. She has many years of experience doing house cleaning, and her domestic cleaning tips and tricks are real treasure.

  5. Remove Ice from Sidewalks

    Coffee grounds can be used to keep sidewalks and driveways from being slippery. The acid in coffee helps ice melt quicker. Just spread coffee grounds on your sidewalk or driveway.

  6. Cockroach Control

    If cockroaches attack your home and you want to use chemical-free product, use coffee grounds. Just fill a jar with coffee grounds and add double-sided tape around the jar.
    Tip: If you don’t have enough coffee ground, ask the nearest coffee shop. They can give you bags of used grounds for free.

  7. Clean Windows and Mirrors

    Replace paper towels with coffee filters next time you clean the windows. Coffee filters are lint-free, using them won’t leave any streaks to the windows. In addition, coffee filters are inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere.

Now you see that one of world’s favorite beverage is useful even in home maintenance. Here’s another tip for those who prefer cooking instead of cleaning. You can use coffee as a spice when preparing a steak. The coffee adds smoky flavor to the meat. If you haven’t tried Pork Tandelion with Smoky Espreso Rub yet, you have to cook it, as it’s very delicious.

Do you know another unusual uses for coffee ? Share them with us!


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