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If you’re getting married, and you already have children from a previous relationship, you want the kids to be part of your wedding celebration. But before you begin your planning, you want to get their input on how they would most like to participate. You can also set up age-appropriate duties that will bring both families together. The following are a few favorite ways you can involve your children in your upcoming nuptials.

Plan DIY Tasks

Blending families once you and your partner have chosen to marry can be challenging for all parties within the household. If you’re looking to do step-parenting the right way, you want to make an effort to include your children. A great way to begin is with an activity that will help you tackle your to-do list and participate in an activity together. If you have kids, plan out simple DIY tasks such as stamping invitation envelopes. If you’re going to hand out goodie bags or favors, ask your kids for assistance in putting them together.

Personalize Your Day

Whether you’re having a large wedding or intimate gathering, you may want to think about ways to personalize your day. You can begin by setting up your wedding website. Included on this site you’ll typically find information about the bride and groom, date and location. Share a blurb about each of your children and what this marriage will mean to the family. You can also add a special touch to your wedding reception using personalized wedding napkins that includes each member of the family’s name.

Make Cake Tasting a Family Affair

You’ll probably win your children’s hearts over as a parent when you make cake tasting a family affair. Let your kids know that their opinions matter and ask them to help sample the variety of choices. If you think their selection may be too over the top, narrow it down to your top five favorites. You can also order several sheet cakes to please everyone’s palates.

Plan a Special Gift

You may be planning on presenting your prospective partner with a token of love to mark the occasion. When you’re looking at gifts, make sure you plan something memorable for the children in your family. Items such as a bracelet, necklace, wallet or mug are things that your kids are sure to cherish forever. By remembering them with a gift, they’re sure to feel the love and acceptance as you begin your journey together as a new family.

Ask them to Perform

If you’re a child, change can seem scary. If you find them nervous about your upcoming wedding, you want to settle their fears by getting them involved. Your children may have special talents that they’re passionate about. If they feel open to sharing in their accomplishments, you can ask your kids if they would like to dance, sing or play an instrument at the wedding ceremony or reception. If they don’t mind getting up and speaking in front of a crowd, they may even feel comfortable doing a reading at the church or reciting a poem.

Take Plenty of Photo’s

The bride and groom are usually the primary focus at a wedding. But if you’re meshing families, you want to make your children feel special by including them in many of your photos. Whether it’s at the ceremony, reception or at the household, you want the wedding photographer to capture the family in their element. Photo booths are also all-the-rage at many of today’s wedding receptions.

Write Special Vows

The bride and groom usually exchange vows during the ceremony. An excellent way to include your children and make them an important part of your celebration is to write special vows geared toward them. Remind them that this commitment is more than taking on a spouse. You’re also committing to your children and ensuring their happiness together as a family.

Enlist Their Help as Attendants

Depending on their age, you may want to enlist the help of your children by making them attendants. Asking your kids stand up is also a great way to get them excited about the pre and post wedding activities. If you’re children are young, they may be best suited as a ring bearer or flower girl. If they’re of reasonable age and feel comfortable handling the task, you can make them groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Whether due to a divorce, death of a parent or you decided to wait to marry until after you’ve had children to marry, it’s important to include your kids in your special day. It’s a great method that allows them to deal with the marital change. Involving children also shows them their value and importance.




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