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When it comes to renovating your house, the bathroom can often end up overlooked. It can be hard to plan a bathroom when there are so many large items like a bathtub and toilet in the way. But with simple solutions, you can easily have the bathroom of your dreams. Instead of opting for a simple towel rail, you could go for space-saving Stelrad column radiators.  Here’s a helpful guide to aid you with your bathroom conversion in 2022.

Measure Up

The first step to take when converting any room is to measure how much space you’ve got to work with. It’s a good idea to try and take measurements of the room with and without the utilities because if you plan to move them around, you’ll know how to fit them all back in. Don’t forget about the doors and windows! You may have found the perfect, claw foot bathtub, but if it can’t fit through the door, it’s useless.

Floor Plan

When deciding how you want your bathroom laid out, it’s important to be realistic. Don’t overload the room with a huge vanity and colossal bathtub, if you’ll leave yourself with less than a step between them. Converting a room should create more space, not reduce it. When you find the pieces you want, try cutting out a paper version that’s to scale and see how it all fits before committing to the purchase.

Inspiration Boards

If you imagine your finished bathroom, you might not see every detail in your mind’s eye. That’s why creating a bathroom inspiration board can really help materialize your creative vision. You can do this digitally or on paper, and you can track all your ideas the instant you have them. It’ll also allow you to check that your color scheme really does go together and if your new fixtures are in line with your vision.

Necessities And Extras

Each bathroom will require the same basic set of utilities, but with the number of variations available, it’s easy to get side-tracked. Decide what you absolutely need and then what you want them to look like. You’ll want to think about storage too. A typical bathroom will have a fair few items that need a place to be kept. Even adding a towel rail can help keep them off the floor and also provide a little heat. Heating is another essential part of a bathroom too. From radiators to heated mirrors, there are endless options out there. Decide what method you’d like, and factor it into your overall plan.

Set A Budget

With any home project, you need to set yourself a budget. You’ll want to consider the cost of any new purchases and the charges incurred from any labor if you’ve booked professionals to fit them. Be flexible with your choices too. If your chosen toilet is way over budget, you may need to reduce costs elsewhere, or simply select a different one. Sticking to a budget will mean you get your renovation completed as quickly as possible. You won’t have to wait for a new cash flow if your previous one has dried up from overspending.

Converting a bathroom can be a fun, but challenging task. But with careful planning, your dream can become a reality in 2022.


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  1. Maria Stillo Reply

    The emphasis on thoughtful planning is spot on. A bathroom, no matter its size, is a sanctuary that deserves careful consideration in terms of design, functionality, and aesthetics.

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