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Being fit doesn’t only make you more attractive, it also makes you healthier. Multiple studies have proven that regular exercise helps prevent diseases, boosts heart health, and improves mental health. However, every mother knows that staying fit on a busy schedule is extremely difficult. You simply do not have the time to work out regularly. Luckily, a bit of clever planning, time management, diet overhaul, and choosing the right exercises will ensure you can keep up your fitness levels with ease. In fact, these tips can also help you improve them as they are just as efficient for fitting a weight loss program into your schedule.

4 Simple Tips for Staying Fit on a Busy Schedule

1.      Break down your workout into 10-minute sessions

The most amazing thing about physical exercise is that it’s good for you no matter what. Unless you are overworking yourself, any kind of physical activity improves your fitness levels and your health as a result. This is why housework is as efficient a workout as a session in the gym (Independent).

For a busy mom this means that you don’t have to try and fit an hour-long training session into your schedule. Instead, you can exercise for 10 minutes a few times a day. For example do it in the morning, during lunch break, after coming home from work, and some relaxing light stretches before bed. Even with this kind of program you’ll get the bulk of exercise health benefits. However, this won’t be enough if you plan to run a marathon or anything like this.

2.      Rethink your diet (and get supplements)

When your goal is staying fit on a busy schedule, you need to remember that diet is no less important than exercise. In fact, if you still need to get fit, your meal plan will be the most important part of the weight loss program.

If your free time is limited, you won’t be able to cook a lot. This means that during the active fat-burning phase you’ll need to enhance your program with the most effective diet pills. You will also need to research healthy and quick recipes. You can find hundreds of those with a single Google search.

If you aim to stay fit with minimal effort, you’ll need to remove all ‘empty’ calories from your diet. The easiest way to make your meals healthier is to go vegan or vegetarian as these diets are more ‘lean’ by default.

You also need to cut down on eating out unless your regular place serves healthy, low-calorie dishes. Skipping meals isn’t an option, so develop a habit of packing a boxed lunch to work and keeping dried fruits and nuts for snacking, same as you do for your kids. Quick healthy recipes will come in handy here as well.

3.      Master time management techniques

Mastering time management is something you should do even if staying fit on a busy schedule isn’t your main goal. These practices can help make your whole life more organized and boost your efficiency and productivity.

There are many time management techniques, so you can try them and see what works best for you personally. You can also use various time-management and productivity smartphone apps for better results. Options to consider are Pomodoro Timer Pro, RescueTime, Focus Booster, or todoist.

4.      Treat every activity as a workout

Any type of physical activity is good for your body. Sitting for hours at a time, on the other hand, is no good at all. Therefore, when staying fit on a busy schedule you should treat every motion as an opportunity to exercise.

Think about your day and see how you can make it a bit more active. For example, take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Walk to the next office to pick up documents instead of emailing. Take a short walk during lunch break instead of browsing Facebook newsfeed. As long as it gets you moving, it’s all good.

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