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Addiction is not something that a person ever goes through alone. Their actions effect everyone around them, and their family members seem to always be the worst effected, and the family struggle is real. Finding an effective and lasting treatment for any kind of addiction is always a challenge, as conventional rehabilitation centers have a mildly interesting success rates. Ibogaine is not something new to the world, and has been used in it country of origin, Africa, for generations already. Recently, western medicine has discovered the powerful uses of this powerful psychedelic drug in the fight against addictions of all and any kind. Here we are going to give you a little insight into what to expect from Ibogaine treatment.


The sad reality is that an Ibogaine treatment is not safe for everyone, and patients need to be prescreened before commencing with the program. These prescreening test are designed to ensure that patients are healthy enough to follow through with a complete treatment. The first part of the prescreening process is done online, and patients are encouraged to answer all the questions as honestly as they can. This is not for anything other than ensuring you are ready and healthy enough to participate. It does not matter if you are taking other medications, a treatment plan will be tailored specifically for your individual needs. An additional screening process involves an EKG, blood test checking liver enzyme function, a drug test, as well as a series of questions regarding a patient’s general health.  Honesty is of the utmost importance, and withholding information is not advised as it is your health and safety that is priority number one.

The Treatment

After the initial screening and testing, and patients have been cleared for treatment, a dosage is administered according to a patient’s height, weight, and sensitivity to the drug itself. Generally a treatment will begin in the morning of the second day at the center. Once the test dose has been administered and the patient found to be fine, a flood dose is given, restricting the patient to bed for the day. Patients will be hooked up to a heart monitor and be under the constant supervision of doctors and nurses during the entire process. After the treatment patients may only find their appetite again after a day or two, feeling worn out and a little cloudy after the experience.

Aftercare Planning

Ibogaine is an extremely powerful and effective detox tool, but is not the answer to the threat of addiction. The real work starts once a patient is placed back into their regular environment. A solid aftercare plan is the real thing that is going to sustain a patient’s sobriety, and help them get their lives back on track and in order. Although a patient’s recovery is an individual process, the loving support of family members does make the transition a much easier and more pleasant experience. The goal of any Ibogaine treatment is the sustained sobriety of the addicts that make use of it for healing and the best way to ensure this longevity is through a solid and steadfast aftercare plan.

The struggles that are faced when dealing with addiction, or a family member struggling through it, are real and not something that is easy to deal with. An effective and successful treatment program has now made its way into western medicine, and is a route that should be taken more often, as the results of this incredible psychedelic speak for themselves.





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