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To be a mother is a blessing in many ways, but it doesn’t come without some unwanted side-effects either. One of the most dreaded of those side-effects is the appearance of stretch marks that don’t seem to go away, even months after the delivery when you have managed to shed all the extra weight. To address that issue, we are going to discuss some methods today which can actually prevent or at least minimize those unsightly stretch marks before they appear.

Stay Hydrated

Stretch marks are a sign of the skin tearing under the pressure of the bulging uterus and certain other parts of the body, which must grow bigger and wider to both accommodate the growing fetus and to get ready for the delivery. Drinking gallons of water every day may make you go to the bathroom more often, but it will also ensure that your body’s increased daily requirement for water is met. In case you are not staying hydrated enough, your body will direct every drop of water it can to the uterus, which will ultimately leave your skin dry. The resulting loss of skin elasticity will naturally make your skin more susceptible to stretch marks. The bottom line is, drink at least a gallon of water every day to keep those stretch marks away.

Zinc and Vitamin C

The more Vitamin C and zinc deficient your body is, the more likely it is that you will get stretch marks from the pregnancy. Both of these have strong antioxidant properties and are essential for the production of collagen; the most important protein which is necessary for maintaining healthy, spot free skin. Even if your diet is good, your doctor might advise you to take some supplemental pills to make sure you are not missing out on any essential nutrients.

Application of Oil

Light and gentle massage with olive oil, castor oil, lavender oil, geranium oil, cypress oil or other essential oils on a daily basis on the susceptible areas can further moisten the skin and reduce chances of developing stretch marks.

Belly Bands

Finding a great belly band has helped a lot of soon-to-be mothers. Be sure to research and find one that fits you best. Belly bands can help with discomfort and strain that can affect mother through pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Take Gelatin

Gelatin is literally derived from collagen and it helps immensely to have it in your diet if you are looking to avoid pregnancy marks. Bone broth is a natural way to get some gelatin into you, but you can always opt for gelatin powders as well. There are also other benefits of gelatin consumption, like better sleep and digestion, for example, but most importantly, it’s perfectly safe for pregnant women to take.

While these tips will help you to keep those stretch marks to a minimum, you could still see a few of them pop up as your body begins to grow bigger. The good news is that it’s not really a problem anymore as processes such as the Dermaclara Stretch Mark Treatment can remove all types of stretch marks without the need for surgery. Prevention is certainly better than cure, but if it’s already too late, don’t worry about it because they can be made to disappear just as quickly as they appeared.

A point to remember is that you should always act as fast as possible to get the maximum result from stretch mark removal procedures. The sooner you address them, the faster and better they will heal.


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