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Back-to-school time can be both exciting and nerve wrecking as a parent. You have to deal with whining children who don’t want summer to be over, school supply lists, and remembering to put all the activities in the calendar. However, back-to-school also means a little more routine for parents, and this can be a little more relaxing to deal with. It seems like the back-to-school season creeps up on you, and because there is so much to do, it’s nice to have a checklist. Be sure to follow this back-to-school checklist for parents.

Fill out all necessary forms.

Your school likely has a packet that needs to be filled out, and whether it’s something you need to physically do or something that can be done online, having your registration packet filled out on time can make back-to-school easier. Not only does this allow you to ensure your child is registered for the upcoming school year, but it’s one less thing you have to worry about down the road. Check and double check all the forms that come home and be sure to complete everything as soon as possible.

Schedule your doctor visits.

Many schools require children to have physicals and annual dental appointments done in order to go back to school, so be sure you get these scheduled early. If you wait and try to get them in too close to the beginning of the school year, you’ll find yourself on a very long waiting list. Plus, most physicals and dental exams last for one year, so it’s something you can do right when summer starts to get ahead of the game. Plus, most local dentists and doctor’s offices will have the forms you need onsite. According to Taylor Wagner Family Dentistry, “Annual dental exams are very important, and partnering with schools is a great way to communicate the importance.”

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Start weaning bed time.

Summer often means that routines and schedules go out the window, and if your child has been staying up late and sleeping in, they’ll have a rude awakening when the school year starts. A few weeks before school starts, be sure to wean your child back into their normal bed time. Doing this still gives your child some freedom to enjoy their summer activities, but it will help them start to adjust to the school year schedule. By doing this, you’ll also alleviate some of the battle that will happen during that first week of school too.

Establish your before and after school care.

If you work full time, it may be hard for you to drop off or pick up your child from school. If it’s necessary for you to have before or after school care, be sure to make your arrangements early. Local care centers start to fill up closer to the school year starting, so it’s a good idea to ensure your child has a place. Plus, registering early could result in a discount or two, and this is always a nice perk to have.

Pay attention to sales.

School supply sales will be in full swing before you know it, so keep your eye out for the items your child will need. As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to stock up on a few of these items while the cost is so low, so grab a few extra glue sticks and spiral notebooks to keep on hand. After all, you know your child will likely need more of something as the year goes on, so having some at home will eliminate the need to go out later.

Establish back-to-school outfits.

Whether you purchase something special or your child just wears clothes he or she already has, it’s a good idea to pick out the back-to-school outfits ahead of time. Go through your child’s closet and drawers and find items that no longer fit. Then, use this information to determine if you need to go shopping. Doing this early will let you take advantage of some back-to-school sales and will reduce the struggle of finding something to wear the night before.

Stock up on lunch food.

Your child will be needing snacks or lunch every day, so be sure to stock up on items they’ll love to have in their lunch. Be sure to adhere to any rules your child’s school may have, such as keeping snacks healthy or not including anything with nuts.

Going back to school shouldn’t be stressful, and when you use these tips, it will be easier than ever.


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