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Let’s say your a new uncle to a niece, or maybe just a caring friend who’d like to show support for someone’s new bundle of joy. One great way to show support for a couple with a newborn is by giving them a thoughtful gift their child will be able to cherish during their formative years. The thing is, not all of us are particularly experienced with giving gifts to infants, period, much less knowing what kind of things they’re into.

To help you get the ball rolling, here are some different ideas as to what you could be buying as a thoughtful gift:

Comfort items


Babies aren’t necessarily known for their skills at controlling their own feelings and emotions, nor should they be. We’re talking about someone the size of a football and who can’t even speak yet. It’s kind of to be expected. In this regard, giving a gift the baby can turn to whenever they’re feeling panicked or in a bad mood is a great gift for both the baby that can now calm down, as well as the parents who can rest easy knowing their child isn’t freaking out. Items such as warm, hefty (but not too hefty!) blankets, as well as stuffed animals, come to mind here. The trend in a comfort item is it’s usually brightly colored, soft to the touch, and portable. Whether it be a plush stuffed rabbit or something to hold on to when things seem tough, comfort items are always a good choice.

Pragmatic items


This is a gift idea that’s about 60% for the parents and 40% for the baby girl. A pragmatic item to get is any item that will make the actual day-to-day activities associated with raising a baby girl much easier to deal with. The most commonly gifted item in this category would be a bib, as it allows the baby to fine-tune their motor skills during eating time, while still picking up any mess the process might cause. Other items in this class include crib bumpers to make sleep easier, or an emergency stroller that can fold into a very compact shape in case the parents are in a rush one day. You’re looking for any item that will reduce the energy and focused burden of the parents, and allow them to make the best out of the short time they have before their infant becomes a toddler.



Babies grow very quickly and in today’s age, where money is tighter and people are seeking to make smart financial decisions. It’s making a lot less economic sense for parents to buy an entire wardrobe for their child that they’ll grow out of within three months or so. For this reason, purchasing some cute baby girl outfits to give away as a gift can be an extremely thoughtful gesture. Any type of clothing will do, whether it be some socks, a cute onesie, or even a sundress for her to enjoy during the summer. Ideally, you purchase something that the parents themselves wouldn’t have but still approve of. That way, it will stand out as a unique item in the baby’s wardrobe.

Safety items


We tend to have a focus on personal items when it comes to gifting, something that can be used or worn by the person using it personally. That’s all fine and dandy, but there’s a rule that’s much more relevant when dealing with independent adults versus helpless babies. Safety items can make the home where the baby dwells much less of a hazard, so the effect of gifting a safety item is two-fold. Firstly, the baby is kept away from harm, and secondly, the parents don’t need to anxiously look over their shoulder at all times to make sure their baby is staying out of trouble. Think of items like baby gates, child-proofing equipment that doesn’t require tools or a major time commitment, or a drying rack for their soothers and pacifiers to reduce the chances of bacteria that can get them ill when coming into contact with them.

Development items


The first few years of a child’s life set the foundation for their future years. Lots of work goes into making sure a baby is developing properly throughout their childhood. Everything, from their physical ability to their mental prowess, needs to be fully nurtured, as well as cared for. Think of items that are useful for developing their fine motor skills, such as toys that require a bit of manual dexterity to be manipulated properly, or even something like a book where they can play and attempt to turn the pages themselves as the parent reads to them. Books are great like that since they also double as great ways to introduce children to language, story, and as well as keep their attention occupied. We’re not saying you should go out and buy the new baby girl in your life a set of encyclopedias. Instead, think of things you can do that you take for granted. Examples are your ability to manipulate the world around you with your hands or your ability to express complex thoughts. Distill those abilities down to their most basic form, and then simply buy a gift that can be used to “train” that ability.



The best part about buying a gift for a baby is that if they aren’t particularly enthused by it, the chances are pretty low they’ll remember it and hold it against you when they’re older, assuming they can even realize it came from you. A truly thoughtful gift for a baby girl isn’t just something pink you found at the front of the baby section at your local department store. A thoughtful baby gift will be something used often and cherished by parents and children alike. When buying your gift, ask yourself: what purpose does this gift serve? Does it make life easier, safer, or more comfortable? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track. Best of luck!


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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