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Before anything is misinterpreted, please allow me to state that as human beings – we should help and support others. I feel this so deeply, that I have spent that last ten years of my life building an entire business around supporting and helping others through the Bloggy Moms Network, Bloggy Conference, and other ventures.

So please know that I am not advocating a deep-seated need for competition and crushing of others. But you do need to find the line between supporting others and the neglect of your own responsibilities and goals.

Now, let’s get right into it!

Last week, we discussed having an overloaded schedule. It can be easy to. In fact, I’m often guilty of doing this. Not only do I fill my plate with plans and ideas for my own brand – but I pile on the requests and ideas of others.

Both are big mistakes.

As far as overscheduling goes.

And both scenarios lead to disappointment, misunderstanding, and damaged relationships.

Both can be harmless attempts to help and support ourselves and our friends. But, sometimes requests from others are in direct disregard to the responsibilities you carry.

Hopefully, you took a look at your schedule last week and began deciding what needed to be pared down. A lot of times, we’ll begin to remove the tasks that we need to complete in order to carry on with our own responsibilities and life – and allow the demands of others to take priority.

This week, take a look at those requests (or, sometimes demands) and see what belongs in your life and what has overstepped respectful bounds. Is someone expecting you to build their life, and success for them? Is someone expecting you to build and achieve their dreams for them?

Make a list of your must-do activities and responsibilities in your own business and life. If outside requests step into the time and energy required for you to meek your responsibility – remember that you can say “No, thank you.”. It might not be kindly accepted or understood – as we tend to view the life and schedule of others as mirroring our own. But it’s likely the healthiest thing to do for you, your responsibilities, and those you are responsible to and for.

This week, consider how can you be supportive and helpful without neglecting your own responsibilities.

Hope you can join us for Bloggy Conference 2019 at Cedar Point!

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