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Catered meals may seem like a luxury suitable for fancy events like a party or weddings. On occasions, when you are ready to spend a little extra on your meal. Most people think catered meals are too expensive to fit into the daily budget. However, that is not the case. You can enjoy catered meals on your everyday budget. That means you can enjoy the mouthwatering catered food any day of the week; random Tuesdays, a rainy day when you don’t desire to cook or any other day. We will show you how you can fit the ‘luxury’ of a carted meal into your daily budget.

Avoid Extravagant and Expensive Dishes

When we think of catered food, we think of extravagant and expensive dishes; however, that is not always true. The catered food has a combination of everything the costly, and recipes that are mildly expensive. While on occasions like weddings, catering service provides may tend to be fancy with food choices higher on the price chart, you do not have to choose expensive dishes when you are eating catered food every day. Go for the less-expensive chicken pasta instead of lobster pasta. You can choose from a variety of options that are budget-friendly and easily adjustable in your daily budget.

Having meals catered has several benefits. First, you do not have to spend time looking for healthy and fresh ingredients. It also saves you time cooking. Although parties tend to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be when you are one of those people who has a party every weekend. Hiring a catering service provider and allowing them to select inexpensive dishes is the best way to enjoy catering food while within a budget.

Don’t Make Your Meals an Event

When most people think of catered food, they try to plan it like an event, inviting as many people as possible. While it is normal to serve catered food to a large number of people like in an office party, ordering a catered meal for one or two people can be cheaper than ordering for a group. In most instance, the bill will be split equally within the group, and different people will order different dishes with a varied price range. This will impact your budget and make the meal expensive for you. Ordering a catered meal for two will cost you less than going out for dinner in a restaurant. Do not think of a catered lunch as something that can be enjoyed with a large number of people, which can become pricy. Think of it like a quiet dinner with someone you love.

Schedule Your Meals

If you are planning to have a catered meal every day at lunch or twice a week, inform the caterer and ask for a discount. Once the caterer knows you will be bringing continued business, they may provide specific discounts for you. If you allow the caterer to know well in advance about your order, they can prepare for the meal and fit it with other requests, which is good for their budget. They will pass on these savings to you. Informing the caterer in advance also allows the caterer to facilitate your meal with any other event they might be hosting; in which case, the meal becomes only a fraction of the cost.

Allow the Caterer to Decide the Dish

Allowing the caterer to decide the type of meal they deliver will surely be budget friendly. If the caterer chooses your meals, they will use ingredients that are fresh and in season, making the meal economical. On the other hand, if you select dishes or ingredients that are not in season and the caterer may have to import then the bill will be high. Ordering a strawberry dessert in the middle of winter when strawberries are at their peak price or salmon in March will be expensive. Give the caterer a budget and allow them free reign to choose any dish. As the caterer is experienced and knows the best ingredients, they can work out a meal in your budget while keeping the food delicious. Check out the Factor75 Blog for more tips on healthy prepared meals.

Pick Up the Food Yourself

When we think of catered meals, it usually means the food is coming to our doorsteps. However, opting to pick up the food yourself can save you much money. Caterers have to spend a good sum of money to have the food delivered to your doorstep. Instead, give the caterer a specific time when you will pick up the food and this way they can have the food ready. You can pick the food returning from work or while going somewhere and save money on delivery charges.

Catered meals every day is not only for the wealthy, all it requires is meticulous planning. If you follow the tips shared in the post, you can enjoy the delicious and healthy catered meal every day without extending your budget.







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