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So, you’re the owner of a stunning new retail premises, you have your stock, you have your staff, you have your vision, but how are you going to let passing trade know that you’re there?

This is where signage comes into play. But think carefully, there are many different options and it can be a bit of a minefield for someone who is knew to the world of business. A company like smartsign is ideal for advice and if you’re looking for a little inspiration.
Have you ever seen a retail store whose sign was worn, tattered and generally in disrepair? What kind of impression did it make on you? Chances are that it reduced your overall esteem for the business. In fact, when a sign is poorly designed and old, it’s easy to assume that a company has gone out of business. As a retailer, choosing the right signage is crucial. These days, there are dozens upon dozens of exceptional options; how are you supposed to select just one? Doing so is a lot easier when you familiarize yourself with the basics, which are highlighted below.

3D letter signs

A large, bright and easy to read sign is pretty basic. But sometimes, that’s all you need. A sign that is well made and well-kept looks professional and gives your business a touch of class.

3D Signs are pretty affordable too, so they won’t break the bank, and if you’re not open after dark, there’s no need to worry about light ups. Classy and timeless, these types of signs really pop out at the general public – a great asset to have if you’re on a retail strip with lots of competition.

Vinyl window signs

Put yourself in your customers shoes. Can you tell what’s going on inside your shop? Can they see that you’re having a sale for instance? If not, then you can make it possible by investing in bright, high quality vinyl signs.
You should keep these signs somewhat generic, though, so that you can use them several times. Things like “sale today” and “clearance sale” are great examples. Keep these signs tucked away and pull them out whenever they are needed. By buying quality, you can rest assured that they will last for many years to come.

Neon signs

Now, I know what you’re thinking and you’re right – neon signs aren’t right for every business. As an unspoken rule, they’re usually reserved for bars and anywhere selling alcohol after dark. Believe it or not, though, but it is possible to find classy neon signs. If you stay open well after nightfall, it might be smart to invest in one or two neon signs.

A simple “open” sign will reassure people that you are open for business; you could also buy neon signs that advertise specific brands or products. Use them sparingly, though, to avoid looking like a Las Vegas casino!

And remember

Whatever your budget or specific requirements may be, you should be able to find signage that works for your business with relative ease.

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