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Upholstery is one of the most important component of the interior design of your living space. A well chosen upholstery can accentuate the overall design and look of your living space, it can add character to the space. You can work around with the fabrics, patterns and designs of upholstery to suit your personal preferences and home dynamics. It can be traditional, vintage or ultra modern. Your upholstery will include a lot of items therefore a smart mix and match of various elements can result in a creatively designed vibrant living space.

Your upholstery can easily cost you an arm and a leg but if you plan it smartly then you can manage classy and stylish upholstery without investing a fortune. Buying upholstery involves considering a whole lot of factors which will decide what kind of upholstery you will be buying. If you have no previous upholstery buying experience, this guide will help you.

Planning Before Shopping

The couches and chairs that you will be using in your living space are not something that you should just order away online. This requires thoughtful planning since they need to be blend well with other interior elements in your living space. Before you start shopping for upholstery, make sure that you take dimensions and sizes. Oversized articles will make your living space look untidy and cluttered while your space will look empty if they are way too small.

Instead of choosing upholstery items online, visit physical stores and get fabric swatches so that you can match them with other items at your place. This will keep the harmony of the over all interior design intact instead of making everything look unplanned and hap hazard.

Choosing Fabric for Upholstery

The fabric of your upholstery will add substance and character to your interior design project and will enhance the overall design. Fabrics are something that provide you with a lot of margin to be creative. That being said, you need to consider quite a few factors when choosing a fabric for chair or a sofa.

If you have kids or pets in the house, it is very important that you consider the life and maintenance of the fabric. The little munchkins can create a lot of mess and your upholstery fabric is not something that you can change on a daily basis. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose fabrics that are kid friendly and are easy to clean and take care of.  Next, you should consider if your chosen fabric is going with all other items at your place and is not looking visually off. Lastly, consider the cost of fabric because at the end of the day nothing can go out of your budget.

How to Ensure Quality of the Upholstery

If you are beginner level shopper when it comes to upholstery, you can easily be scammed into buying something substandard. In order to ensure that your items are high quality, make sure that the wooden frames are made of traditional hard wood and not with softer wood such as pine. See that the joints of the frame are screwed together rather than just being glued together.


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