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Buying the perfect gift for your loved one can seem impossible, particularly as there are so many toys on the market for you to choose from. Whether it is a personalised item such as a Letter From Santa or a brand new games console, we are here to help you narrow it down with our top picks for the best gifts your kids will love.

A Fujifilm Polaroid Camera

For those that have slightly older children, the Polaroid camera is the perfect gift to capture every moment. Whether you are placing these in your room on the wall or you are placing them in a photo album there are several benefits that come along with this gift for your children this Christmas. With several models coming in at several different price points, this is a gift for every budget and can fit either under the tree or in a stocking.

Lego Sets

Another present that is perfect for every age group is the Lego set. With Duplo for the younger children, and specialist sets designed by the fans for older children, there are several amazing Lego sets that they can choose from. There are also sets of all sizes at a range of different price points to suit every budget. Whether you opt for a packet of collectable characters or the entire set, there are several ways that you can bring the gift of Lego to your children this Christmas for as little or as much as you want.

Xbox Series X

For those of you with a slightly larger budget, there is also the option of an Xbox Series X. This new wave of games console brings the very best frame rate as well as the ability to play ultrafast gameplay, this is the ultimate gift for any game lover. With the ability to play 4k games you can pass, the time either playing with your friends or playing with your family without having a big bulky console taking up a majority of the space in your living room. With a number of additional options also available and access to the game pass, this is the ultimate gift for a loved one.

Mario Kart Live

The final present that could bring hours and hours to your kids this Christmas is the latest release from Nintendo. With the Mario Kart Live feature, you are able to create your own Mario kart circuit in your living room, race with friends and control it from your Nintendo switch. This is a gaming experience like never before and is set to bring a whole new meaning to racing with your friends regardless of whether you are in the park or spending time at home.

Whether you are purchasing gifts for your loved one or you are looking for the perfect gift for a family friend, there are a number of these amazing gifts out there that a kid of any age will love. Which of these will you be purchasing for your loved ones?

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