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Here’s this month’s installment of wise quips from sonny dearest for you to enjoy. This month mostly revolved around his beloved planets and dogs and crazy names. Read on to know more of what sonny has been saying, all in a day’s work!

1. What’s in a name?

I was called “Ma”, “Mama”, “Mummy” once upon a time. Then I became “Daisy” for a while (Read the “About Me” page to know more about its origins). Then I was  “Princess” for most part of last month. Now I am not “Ma” or “Daisy” or “Princess” (Sob, sob for the last one!). I am “Saturn”! Not Venus (Remember “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus“?) but Saturn. I ask why, but why? And I am told that it is because Saturn is beautiful 🙂 and it has got rings on it! I don’t probe further, alarmed, in case the rings refer to the extra layer of adipose tissue in my mid section 😉

And the nomenclature doesn’t stop there. Sonny is not sonny anymore. He is Pluto (for some reason the kid really likes Pluto. Maybe because Pluto is an underdog planet, a banished one relegated to being a dwarf, I don’t know!).

And hubby dearest is Jupiter ’cause it’s the biggest one! Then his grandparents who were visiting till last week, were Neptune and Uranus.

A typical evening conversation sounded like this at our home:

Pluto: Saturn, can we go out in the evening for shopping….oh, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I mean can we go out in the evening to outer space?

Saturn: But Jupiter is not here. He hasn’t returned from office…ahem…I mean the milky way galaxy yet!

Pluto: Oh ok. But when he comes, we will take the red car..oh, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry…the red spaceship and we will go to outer space. Will Neptune and Uranus go too?

Saturn: Yes, agreed. We will go to outer space in the red spaceship when Jupiter comes back. Uranus needs to rest, so we can’t take Neptune and Uranus today….

….I am just glad our walls are not too thin. Or people will change our surname to “Wagle” from “Walge Ki Duniya” soon 😉 .

2. Can anyone find us a real life “Clifford” Dog, puh-leez?

Of late, sonny has become very persistent in demanding a pet dog. And despite my reluctance to get one due to the extra work involved in dog care (After all I am the one who ends up becoming sonny’s mess cleaner-upper, remember?), I had grudgingly started giving in, at least in my mind that is. I had accepted that a puppy would become our reality soon, when one fine day, sonny decides to provide us with exact specifications for the dog that he wants.

Here’s the conversation that takes place:

Pluto: I want a doggie, Saturn. Please let’s go shopping and buy a doggie.

Saturn: Let’s wait for Jupiter to come from office and you can tell Jupiter what you want.

Pluto: Yes, I will tell Jupiter. I want a doggie. A big, red, giant doggie.

Saturn: A what? Red one? Are you sure?

Pluto: Yes, a big, red doggie. I want the biggest one!

And when Jupiter came back home from outer space in his red spaceship 😉 , Pluto repeated his request after the perfunctory “Saturn, see. Jupiter is here!” statement.

And he has been repeating the request consistently, ever since.

Surprisingly though, sonny has never seen any of the Clifford cartoons or read the books. He simply invented a big red dog in his head because red is his favorite color!

Our problem is a complicated one. How on earth will we find a big red dog? Knowing sonny the way I do, I know for sure that the reddish-brownish hue of the so called “red” dogs will simply not do! It has to be a bright red dog, like our bright red car, nothing less!

I guess we better go to outer space (Mars, perhaps?) and find a big red dog for our Pluto, because going by the trend, I don’t think earth dogs will suffice…unless you know Clifford’s address that is 😉 !

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