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Dean’s Choose Your Own Crawling Adventure

Image via Geeks Raisings Geeks

My son started to transition from the army drag across the floor to hands and knees crawling over a week ago.  He will still employ the army crawl if he thinks dragging himself is a quicker means to cross the floor.  The two of us have started to play a game where Dean’s primary objective is to pull himself up, find something to put in his mouth, or stick his fingers in a crack in the floor or the one made by the bathroom door.  My primary objective is to multitask my work load while keeping an eye on him and eventually retrieving him to bring him back to my feet.  We’ll do this probably 100 times a day.  It’s Dean’s version of Choose your own crawling adventure.

Choose from one of 4 endings

Once he’s crossed the living room floor and crawled underneath his jumper, does he A) go to the right and pull all the dvds off the t.v. console and then pull himself up to his knees by grabbing the shelf B) go to the left and pull at the drawer knobs on the hutch C) go forward and try and stick his fingers in the heating grate or D) go down the hallway to the kitchen in attempts to find something on the floor to stick in his mouth.

Faith followed Dean out to the kitchen to help me keep an eye on him.

Right now Faith and Dean are engaged in a stare off

This stage is really tough.  We didn’t reach this level of mobility until Faith was a year old.  The other difference with Dean is that he’s constantly pushing his boundaries.  Faith never went into the cabinets or drawers and she didn’t try and put everything in her mouth.  Dean is definitely going to keep us on our toes.

Other Things Dean Does Lately…

1. Belly laughs when I growl at him
2. Cuddles into me for a minute and starts sucking on his thumb when he’s tired (unfortunately this only lasts a minute, if I’m lucky)
3. Uses his spit up as finger paint on the floor – I’m usually clued in that this activity is happening by Faith saying “Eww gross!! Mom, Dean spit up!”


Faith’s outfit: +H&M dress (same dress – different prints), Circo black leggings (patterned leggings)

Dean’s outfit: +H&M sweatpants


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