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You may have read about the advantages of term loans but little would you know about the cons this financial plan will bring. You can easily get a term loan from any online or in-person lender after satisfying eligibility criterion but will it prove to be beneficial for your business or not? You have to figure it out. Term loans are different from other business loans in a lot of respect which you can read on small business website. But, is it worth the disadvantages, figure it out yourself.

Cons of Term loan

A full list of most prominent drawbacks of term loans are mentioned below:

1.   Eligibility

As you know that the interest rate of the term loan is very low as compared to other loans, so this is the reason why eligibility criterion is tougher.It is hard to qualify then the traditional commercial lenders. You will probably have to find a specific asset or equipment against which you can secure a term loan. Moreover, the credit score and revenue constraints aren’t that easy to fulfill either.

2.   Rigid

The payment schedule and interest rate are fixed in term loans. This is the reason why the term loans are less flexible than the other credit forms. The term loans will pose a constant stress on your mind regarding the fulfillment of monthly payment schedule. You can request the lender to customize the loan as per your requirement, but it is not always possible that he does that for you.

3.   Secured

The term loans are sometimes secured. This may seem to be a good thing because you will be able to be eligible for the loan that you will not be able to secure otherwise with credit score. However, at the same time, you will also be prone to various risks. If your loan is secured against the building you have purchased for running the business, then the bank or lender will claim this building if you fail to pay on time. This means that all the business will stop functioning if you end up defaulting the loan. In the same way, if you got the loan to purchase equipment and secured the loan with it. The equipment will be claimed if you are unable to pay back the loan thus, making business less efficient.


Now, you can see that basically, the disadvantages written here about the term loans are actually on the business owner’s end. The term loan, in itself, is a very good option to go for and is highly business-friendly. But it takes guts to take that loan because if you are not sure that whether you will still generate enough revenue even after getting the loan, the term loan is not for you. You have to go with a calculated approach, make your mind clear, have a complete payment plan and a backup plan for your business and then apply for a term loan. In this way, you will have the best deal.


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