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Having moved to sunny California, the last thing you would want to hear is the light scuttling sound of unwanted guests (or more appropriately, pests). Unfortunately, in some cases, this cannot be avoided. However, with the help of several organic, chemical or even physical interventions, your house and land can be restored to the pristine quality it once was.

Natural Garden Pest Control

As a more economic and environmentally friendly solution, one way in which you can de-pest your home is through the use of organic and natural treatments. The easiest way for you to approach this is through the prevention of an overall outbreak in the first instance. For example, this can be avoided by minimizing the insects’ potential habitats (decreasing the build-up of breeding areas) as well as maintaining healthy, organic soil. Not only does this prevent the risk of any infection, but it also encourages natural decomposition (the best way to develop a strong and pest free garden).

However, sometimes this is not possible. If your land is not monitored and the pests appear, then it is best advised to continue reading and use the following preventative methods.

Chemical Pest Control

Through a more invasive technique, chemicals may also be used to extract the pests from your private property. As far as pest control goes, chemical extermination is the most traditional method; However, as a poisonous alternative to organic control, it can be rather harmful to those involved as well as the environment. It should definitely be avoided if you own a pet, as if they consume the poisonous food of the rodents, then they are at risk of serious ill health.

Despite this, using rodenticides is an effective way to avoid tricky situations, especially when locating the pests after the deed has been done. As it doesn’t cause instant death, they’re able to make their own way out of hidden crevices, making the job much easier for you.

Rodent Removal Services

If the problem is too difficult to handle with minimal efficiency methods, then a rodent removal service is the correct solution for you. With direct action and professional care, any pests from ants to wasps and even cockroaches to mice will be removed with immediacy from your home.

For a quality, reliable and dependent customer service, you need to find quality removal services that know how to handle as much as possible, from rodent infestations to cockroach treatment. Focus on the exterminators known for their 100% control after treatment and promotion of environmental protection. Not only will this allow for a rapid solution, but great exterminators will provide a permanent one, destroying pests’ colonies and hives deep within.

So, if you’re suffering from unwanted pests within your home, then why not try out these three different methods. Each technique is available widely and demonstrates a variety of advantages. However, for efficiency and convenience, I would recommend you leave the extermination to the professionals. This is especially the case if the infestation has been going on for some time now since you never know how much damage is present.


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