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Peruse your local newspaper or social media sites and it will be more than evident that there are educational opportunities in your community, for all ages and all interests. From farm schools for kids to woodworking classes for adults, the saying “never stop learning” is a reality for all. Once you start exploring educational opportunities, you’ll be overwhelmed by your options. No matter if you’re looking for educational activities for your family, a career change, or just a new hobby, the time is now to learn something new.

Education in Your Community for the Whole Family

There are myriad educational opportunities that include the whole family. For starters, science museums, aquariums, discovery places, nature centers, and local libraries have events and exhibits catered towards kids. But what’s more is that whatever field your child is into, businesses are opening their doors for tours and interactive sessions. Take farms, for example that are bringing the community into their stables and gardens to teach young and old alike about where food comes from, how to take care of livestock, and what it takes to run a farm business. The same is true for artists, like your local pottery studio that invites you in for demos and clay throwing sessions. Is your child really into cars and how things work? Call your local mechanic and ask if you can come by so your child can see first hand what is under the hood.

Online Learning at Your Fingertips

Going to a school has its benefits, such as face-to-face interactions. However, in today’s busy world, if you can’t make it to a campus on a regular basis, you have the opportunity to still earn that degree from your home after you get home from work or after you put your kids to bed. Programs like the online global studies degree at Linfield College offers online degrees in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Global Studies, International Business, and more. Or if you are looking for a specific certificate, like a plumber certificate program or an automotive and diesel technician, all it takes is access to a computer and the time. And if you don’t have a home computer, your library grants you access with a library card, which is free with a local address. A simple search online could be the first step to learning something new to change your life.

DIY Galore

If your goal is simple to learn a new skill to lower costs on your next home project or to make next year’s Christmas presents, there are tutorials online for just about everything. Learn how to tile your kitchen backsplash, or how to make infused oils. The resources are truly endless, and there is something out there for everyone. Learn to paint through your community studio, with a how-to book, or with an online tutorial. In today’s age, you can learn to do anything, and the learning should never stop.  


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