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Baking a cake can do wonders for self-esteem and is a fantastic exploit if you have guests coming round to visit. Though the taste is what makes a cake great (the proof of the pudding is in the eating), first impressions are everything when it comes to food. If your cake looks amazing, it highlights your effort to appease your guests, but will also enhance people’s perception of flavor.

Decorating a cake is no easy feat, so this article has been written to provide inspiration and guide you to the most effective, simple methods for achieving eye-popping decorations. To showcase your cake, using a cake turntable can enhance proceedings, oozing professionalism and bringing attention to your masterpiece. By following this article as a guide, you can achieve coffee shop classics within the comfort of your own home and will be one step closer to fulfilling your decorating needs.

Clotted Cream Splits and Buttercream

Buttercream is great for piping swirls onto cakes, or to achieve a ‘frosting’ effect. To make the buttercream, simply combine icing sugar and softened butter, and then beat and whisk the combination together. Buttercream is fattening, so to alleviate how it affects the body and to reduce cravings, you can take advantage of dietary aides like HydroxyElite. Once you’ve beaten your mixture, it should hold together firmly, but it’s important to leave it at room temperature to achieve a smooth finish.


So you’ve got your filling, but what next? Decorating your cake with a piping bag. You can start by filling the bag no more than two-thirds full of icing before twisting and holding the end with one hand. You can rest the tip of the bag in your other hand and squeeze the icing onto your cake accordingly. At this stage, you should unlock your creativity, with designs that fit your individual needs and requirements. If you want to write letters with icing, try a mixture of conventional icing sugar and water. To write letters, hold the bag at 45 degrees and squeeze it out with constant pressure. Let the icing fall naturally into place, and try your best to avoid uneven thickness.

Covering a Cake

Start by spooning a large quantity of buttercream into the middle of the cake, and use a spatula or knife to ice it to the edges of the cake. For a smooth finish, use a palette knife flat at the edge of the cake, and drag it towards you. You can scrape off any excess, smoothening as necessary. To achieve a ‘frosty’ effect, place the flat side of the palette knife onto the cake and lift it up repeatedly across the surface.

Crystallized Flowers

You can use your favorite decorative flowers to decorate your cake. Crystallize by brushing a lightly whisked egg white onto them, before later adding caster sugar. By leaving these overnight in a dry place, you’ll achieve impressive results.  


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