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A concerned organization will always look for employee’s happiness and their engagement within the company. If your employees are absorbed in doing meaningful work, then it will directly impact their desire to contribute to the company. The numbers around engagement and turnover don’t lie for those employees who crave to have meaningful work experience, and they don’t even realize the time spent. But according to a survey, only 13 per cent of employees say they’re actively engaged at work and crave for much more in their respective workplaces.

P2M reward and recognition programmes directly align and impacts the overall success of your company. They list some of those things that employees crave and make sure that their programs make a huge difference to every company. It is vital as an employer to understand what growth opportunities your employees care about which you can further evaluate their roles for your companies. Let’s get to understand what an employer needs and craves –

Employee Engagement and Recognition All That An Employees Craves For!

  • Truth – Often, we get to see that employees expect the truth of what has gone wrong to make themselves better. They want to know all the minute details of their craft to add value to their organization. By getting to know the truth, they get an idea to improve on their work process and erase the negative feedback created around them, thus getting further involved in every aspect of their company.
  • Being valued – While working in any workplace, every employee wants to get ensured that their thoughts, ideas or opinions are appreciated. They want to thrive in a place where they get encouragement to share their views and get recognized for their work. By offering such freedom, an employer can build trust with them and get some innovative opinions that may open new doors for your company.
  • Freedom to do meaningful work – One of the crucial things that every employee wants to do, is useful work. It not only is challenging on an employer’s part, but it is also essential for an organization to make it happen. You need to provide all the opportunity of environment, tools, and processes to accomplish great work from them where they can flourish and try to take some risks for your company.
  • Scope to grow – For any employee with appreciation and recognition, they have a craving for their career development. If a company supports its goals and desires and makes it a possibility to achieve them, then they never leave their jobs. With many opportunities to grow in their careers, an employee thrives in this environment and gets naturally more engaged in all types of company projects.
  • Opportunities for peer learning – Employees are always in a lookout for workplace learning where they get to learn new skills that accelerate their development. Providing the proper chance and creating the spaces to promote one size fits one approach to education can empower them to take advantage of peer learning. The learning will help your employees to grow and understand situational leadership in a better way, thus reinforcing the idea of learning.
  • Lively culture – The Office environment is also a significant point where the best of employees tries to leave their jobs and search for a better one. As a leader, if you keep the office culture in the right spirit, then it becomes easy to handle other tasks of excellent customer service or a happy atmosphere quite easily. Toxic culture in office workplaces demotivates employee performance and hampers business production. So, it is needful to develop an authentic culture within the staff by recognizing each employee’s contribution and providing them with a lively space to work.

Improving these factors in your workplace and providing your employee what they crave for can reduce the friction in the jobs and encourage them to do great work. Try to start by giving your employees the things they desire and move your organization in the right direction.



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