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Apart from ensuring that you are free from stress to enjoy quality sleep, you need to have the right sleeping gear to rest easy every single night. Most people focus more on getting the right bed, mattress and beddings and do not give too much attention to their choice of pillow. The pillow may be overlooked, but it definitely does play a role in how good your sleep is.

The pillow purpose

Your pillow generally plays two main purposes and these are offering you comfort and ensuring that you achieve the correct sleeping posture every night. The more comfortable you feel, the easier falling asleep will be and the better the quality of your sleep. By supporting the head and neck in correct posture, you will sleep better without any stiffness issues or muscle pains in the shoulders, head, back and the neck. Only a good quality pillow will help you achieve proper alignment of the spine, neck and head and at the same time provide comfort that lasts through the night.

Features of a good pillow

Most people will just step into a store and take the very first pillow they come across because they believe that all pillows are created the same. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are different types of pillows and a number of factors that determine their quality. When looking for the very best you need to pay attention to such. Some of the qualities that make a good pillow include the following.

Good quality The quality of your pillow relies on a number of factors. These include the materials it is made from, its fill and the size. When looking for the best, it is best that you stick to reputable brands. Tuft and Needle pillows have a reputation for their superior quality. Considering that this is a brand that is also has an impressive reputation for high quality mattresses, you really can’t go wrong with its pillows.

Good comfort levels Of course the fill will determine how comfortable the pillow is. Feather pillows are some of most comfortable, but foam pillows offer good levels of comfort too, although they may not look as such. If possible, try out a number of pillows to help you decide which one has the best levels of comfort.

Softness It is something every person would love to get in a pillow. Whereas most of the pillows are designed soft what works for one person may not work for the other. The fill may be firm but the pillow cover might come with a special soft fabric that makes all the difference.

Firmness A firm pillow is the best when it comes to offering you support and keeping the crucial areas properly aligned. If you get a pillow that is to fluffy that your head digs in every time you may not enjoy the proper support that a pillow is supposed to offer you. The best pillow out there is a firm one that is at the same time soft and comfortable.

Good stitching the last thing you want is a pillow that spits its fills after a period of time. A good brand will have proper stitching that keeps the fills in and together for that matter. With proper stitching you can be sure the pillow will retain shape and serve your needs properly. The seams should not burst with a few uses.

Choosing the right pillow

Apart from settling only for the best quality pillows and from reputable brands for that matter, there are a few more factors that should be considered for the right choice to be made. They include

Sleeping position

The kind of sleeper you are will help you choose the right shape and size to match the demands of the position. Side sleepers for instance need large, thick pillows to bridge the gap between the mattress and you. The neck and head need to remain in line, hence a medium to firm pillow is ideal. Back sleepers on the other hand should go for pillows providing neck and head support. It should not tilt the head too far forward or extend neck too far tilting head upwards. The good thing is that most pillow manufacturers indicate what positions the pillows are best for hence buyers can make informed decisions.

Washing requirements

When buying your pillow, it is important to ensure that you can keep up with washing it. Some are machine washable while others may demand hand washing yet others should not be washed at all. Consider all options available and choose a pillow whose demands you can keep up with. Most come with covers that you can remove and wash as frequently as you wish. Whatever choice you make, be sure to follow the washing guidelines offered by the manufacturer.

Pillow type

The fill used is what makes a difference in the pillows available in the market. The main types available are feather, down, buckwheat, memory foam, water, wool and synthetic. Memory foam pillows are some of the best because they are firm and adjust to your pressure points and mold around the head so you have the best support and enjoy comfort at the same time. Tuft and Needle pillows are made with unique foam, hence they are some of the best you can decide to choose. Feather pillows on the other hand offer adjustable shape, whereas down pillows are the softest you can find. Check out the different options together with their pros and cons so you are sure of exactly what you are buying.

Online Pillow buying tips

  • If you choose to buy your favorite pillow online, ensure that the payment methods offered are safe and secure.
  • Buy only direct from manufacturer or authorized dealers and reputable online stores so you are sure of getting genuine pillows in the promised quality
  • Pillows with a reasonable warranty, return policy and even trial period offer goes to show the kind of confidence the manufacturers as in terms of quality


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