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Throughout time, essential oils have been used to treat a variety of disorders or illnesses. People have been using flowers, roots, leaves, bark, and other various ways to aid in the relief and healing in a variety of ailments over the centuries. Extracting oils from natural forms provides people with an alternative to modern day medicines. One of the main ways that these oils have been used is to treat anxiety. Studies have been conducted to show how specific oils can make alterations to the body’s chemistry and imbalances which can cause mood disorders.

Using oils to ease the pain of anxiety, is a proven technique that is demonstrated in the ways that particular oils work. Oils have a calming effect on those with anxiety. After skin application, the healing combination shows up in the bloodstream. Such a fast acting treatment allows people to experience comfort right away. As the oils are dispensed over a longer period of time, an uplifting, cheerful mood comes back to an anxiety sufferer.

One of the most effective ways of treating anxiety with oils is through aromatherapy. The sense of smell initiates a commanding emotional response that elicits particular mental reactions. Emotions are connected to the limbic system of the brain and the smell of the oils ignites certain emotions to be experienced. The limbic system joins to parts of the brain that regulate stress responses such as blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, memory, stress levels, and emotions. As certain oils are smelled, a sense of peace, joy, calming, and contentment can overcome the heartfelt emotions of pain, suffering, and discontentment that come with anxiety. Aromatherapy can take place through an essential oil diffuser, a massage, direct inhalation, humidifier, or by putting drops in bath water.

Oils can be ingested by the mouth, orally, or placed on the skin, topically, to treat anxiety as well. Drops of oil can be put in a glass or water or in honey to be digested. Placing oils under the tongue or taking capsules filled with oils are two other ways that help treat the effects of anxiety. Applying oils through a mixture of lotion on the skin during a massage helps to ease and calm the mind. Directly administering the particular oil on the hair, mouth, teeth, nails, or mucous membranes allows relief to exit the body.

Wide assortments of oils have been found to effectively treat anxiety and the emotional heart. The most popular and beneficial oil used is lavender which people use for a variety of calming actions. Lavender restores the nervous system. Lavender also relieves sleep restlessness, irritability, panic attacks, and helps one to find inner peace after emotional trauma. For a complete guide on essential oils and all of their great benefits, be sure to check out this guide.

Bergamot is another oil that is often used to help reduce the pain that is associated with anxiety and depression. The effects of using bergamot are serenity and stillness. A new sense of energy is found and allows one to become more active.

Reducing the side effects associated with anxiety and depression can be done with ylang ylang. An uplifting movement of the emotions is caused by ylang ylang which increases cheerfulness, optimism, and courage. Ylang ylang also soothes fearfulness by calming heart agitations and nervous palpitations

Vetiver is shown to lower the effects of anxiety and helps in cases of trauma. The energy brought forth from the use of vetiver is one of tranquility and meditation. People regain a sense of self-awareness and balance of mind. Vetiver has also been shown to decrease jitteriness, panic attacks, and reduce the effects of shocks after emotional or mental traumas.

Easing the symptoms of anxiety can also be accomplished with chamomile. A relaxing, gentle spirit is restored with the use of chamomile. Developing and engaging one’s inner harmony is one of chamomile’s greatest effects.

Addressing the harsh truths of the symptoms and effects of anxiety on a person’s life is a necessity. The pain and suffering that is felt because of anxiety takes a toll on one’s soul. Specific oils have been proven to bring relief and ease the mind of those that anxiety has attacked. Providing a calming energy improves both the quality and ability to enjoy life.


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