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When decorating a kid’s bedroom there are lots of things you need to have in mind, and maybe, for this reason, we tend to forget something crucial – the floor. A floor can turn out to be a very expensive investment so you will need something durable. Your kid’s room will have a lot of traffic and with scratches and spillages likely to show up at some point, you need a hardwearing floor ready to handle these kinds of incidents.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring looks good flooring looks like solid wood flooring but is by far more practical. This floor is composed entirely of synthetic layers, aside from the top one which is made of real wood. Because of this, the top layer’s strength is similar to solid wood flooring. However, because of the synthetic layers, engineered wood withstands moisture and temperature fluctuations, unlike solid wood flooring. Engineered is very hardwearing and despite a limited surface tolerance to water if a spillage occurs, this won’t be a problem provided it is wiped straight away.

As for styles, we previously mentioned that engineered looks like real wood, and this includes offering a wide range of species of wood, as well as colors and shades.

Laminate Flooring

If you like the concept of engineered wood but without the price tag, then laminate flooring is the floor you are looking for. Laminate imitates wood flooring but it is totally artificial. This floor is perfect for your child’s room since it resists heavy footfall very well and is resistant to scratches. This is thanks to the way it is made, as laminate is composed of different synthetics layers. The first one is called the backing and acts as a barrier against moisture coming from the subfloor. The core is the second layer, which gives stability to the floor when people walk on it. The top image layer is to the laminate floor what the wood layer is to engineered wood. The image is a photograph printed on the floor that makes it look like authentic wood. Finally, a wear layer is applied on the surface to make the floor even more resistant.

Another advantage of laminate is that it is very easy to maintain and clean – something quite crucial for a floor that is going to be installed in a kid’s bedroom. Vacuuming and mopping from time to time should be enough. As for aesthetics, just because it is cheap doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful, as laminate flooring can imitate a wide range of woods including oak and walnut.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is the cheapest floor on the market, and it is pretty practical. Hardwearing and water resistant, this is a great floor where your kids can spend hours playing. It is a very safe floor since it is slip resistant and very hygienic since it doesn’t collect dust and dirt like carpet does. Since it is made of plastic it is very easy to clean. Simply mop with a warm cloth and the floor will look nice and fresh.

Some people have criticised vinyl for looking cheap, but this is not the case anymore. You can find amazing vinyl floors with a great design that imitate wood and tiles very well.

So there you have it – three perfect floors very suitable for a kid’s bedroom. Of course, the choice is yours but we hope this post makes things a bit easier for you!


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