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Last night a tragedy occurred in the Leonard household: JT knocked over the shelf elf 😓

I should have known it was only a matter of time. I should have been prepared. Alas, I was not.

So he knocked him over, and he bawled and was extremely upset. I was so tempted to take the easy route and just say it was okay and he was allowed one accidental touch, but my inner mom got the better of me and so we wrote a little letter apologizing and promising to be more careful indoors, blah blah blah. Laid it carefully under Gnomey and sent the boys to bed so he could be off to Santa’s workshop with the carefully written letter. And do you know what freaking happened?! I forgot to move the stupid elf!!!

Justin and I woke up directly after the boys this morning and of course they went into the living room and disappointingly found little Gnomey exactly as we had left him, with his little letter still in hand. We sent them back to their room and I quickly hid him in the freezer (because where else do you put an elf in hiding?)

So now that he’s cooling off, Ive prepared a letter apologizing for his lack of disappearing. Basically a long poem to make me feel better about failing on the elf front. So here is what I came up with:

I’m hoping maybe I will be able to skate by since it rhymes and all- maybe they won’t recognize my handwriting. And hopefully we don’t have any more mishaps because I don’t know how much more elf-writing I have in me!


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