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What a time this is in your life as it has been transformed within a couple of years. You were drifting along until you met the woman of your dreams. You have changed beyond recognition and smartened up your act, prior to getting married.

You are now a few months from being joined by an addition to the family and you are making plans at the home that you managed to buy cheaply to continue its restoration and upgrade by including somewhere special for junior.

You have left the decorations and design to your loving wife, who has more of a flair for that kind of thing, but you are insistent on using cork for this new room as well as for several others in the house when you get around to it. You’ve got the material from the leading cork flooring company Melbourne relies on. It simply took a quick online search to locate a supplier near your location.

You know that cork flooring is a perfect surface for a nursery for several good reasons, including:

  • Great For Eliminating Noise – You want your baby to rest as well as possible, and cork flooring will be a great help, as it eliminates noise. They say that newborns sleep up to 15 hours a day, so it is important that it is a comfortable sleep so that they gather their full strength and energy.
  • Clean Air – Giving your child the best environment is a priority, and wanting it to have clean air. Cork flooring will resist mold and mildew, which both discharges very small particles that pollute the air and can be harmful to breathing, especially for the very young. A cork floor means healthy air.
  • Safer For Your Child – What joy it will be for you as blissful parents when the little one gathers the strength to start crawling. The next stage is progression as you start to need eyes in the back of your head. One way to offer peace of mind is by knowing that when it begins, your child will not hurt themselves. The surface is soft and goes straight back into shape when older feet or objects lift from it, so it makes a perfect choice for a nursery or play area.
  • It’s Less Expensive – While a newborn provides excitement and euphoria for parents along with family and friends, it also means extra finances are required. In short, being a child is not a cheap hobby, so every little bit of savings elsewhere is extremely welcome. Therefore, the knowledge that cork flooring planks offer great value for money is extremely welcome, with the material being the least costly of many other options.
  • Long Lasting – The floor’s longevity also makes it great value for money. There is no need for replacing it regularly as if well maintained and cared for, it can last up to 50 years. Repairs are minimal when required, saving further costs.
  • Durable – With the floor acting as a shock absorber, it will not matter if heavy objects are accidentally dropped. It is durable and very easy to clean. Meaning that any occasional mess, which a baby is more than capable of creating, can be soon cleared up, restoring the floor to as good as new once again in no time. Leaving you to go out for a lovely walk somewhere perfect for a family.
  • Beautiful & Versatile – Cork flooring planks are beautiful looking, which will enhance the hard work and thoughts put in by your beautiful wife. It has a versatility in design which offers a wide range of styles, to satisfy even the most creative minds.

The use of cork flooring planks is the perfect solution for the surface of a nursery and any area where a baby or young children inhabit. It provides excellent value for money, is extremely aesthetic, and best of all, it is safe.


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