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Spooky season is upon us, and if you didn’t start planning this year’s festivities back in April, are you even American? Just kidding, we all have our “last-minute Mom moments” and this year will be no different for thousands of moms trying to make the most of an old white sheet and a Sharpie pen.

Instead of the same old outfit this year, why not plan something now to have your kid giddy with excitement? If you’re wondering how the words ‘teenager’ and ‘giddy’ appear in the same sentence, that’s fair – they typically do not, but this year will be different.

If you’re looking for the best outfit for your teen this Halloween, follow these five great tips below:

  1. Be Creative

Teens and tweens love getting dressed up, and this time of year is no different.

Halloween outfits don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, all you need is a good imagination and a few household supplies. Your teen’s outfit can be funny, serious, or cute – but it shouldn’t be inappropriate.

Keep things clean and all in the name of good fun. Your child is at an age where child-like themes won’t cut it anymore, so pack away the ladybug outfits and start thinking about more mainstream choices.

  1. Be Cool

One thing we all know tweens and teens live for is being cool.

Don’t be a spoilsport parent. Your child can seem cool and within budget at the same time. While you don’t want your child to feel pressured into anything by their friends, you must realize that they are at an impressionable age where they simply want to feel like they fit in at the Halloween party.

You should each make a list of your top ten favorite outfit ideas and then get together over some pizza and milkshakes and come up with an idea you both approve of.

  1. It’s In the Details

Heidi Klum is one of the world’s best Halloween outfit creators, with her out-of-this-world ideas making headlines every year. When it comes to designing the perfect outfit for your chosen theme, remember that it all comes down to the details.

For example, the best Comic Con-themed outfit must have a pair of Sailor Moon Crew socks. They add a pop of color and help get the theme across, irrespective of which character gets chosen.

  1. Open Communication

Instead of shutting down every outfit idea your teen has, try talking to them about your concerns regarding their outfit choices. As mentioned above, teenagers often try to fit in to seem cool; instead of punishing them for it, try to be honest. Let them know why you are upset – and they may feel comfortable enough to do the same.

  1. Be Patient

Most parents understand their teenager goes through multiple daily outfit changes, so expect Halloween to be worse.

Instead of losing your temper and running out of patience, take a few deep breaths and know this is just a phase. One day, when they’ve grown up and have their own children, they’ll get to experience that frustration too.

The parenting wheel eventually turns – you must just be patient.



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