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If the days are getting longer and our vitamin D levels are inching upward, then it must be spring. And if it’s spring, then that means summer isn’t too far behind. The warm, sunny days of summer offer a lot of great opportunities to work on projects both inside and outside the home. If there were an official season for home renovation projects, it would no doubt be the summertime period, or roughly Memorial Day to Labor Day.  It’s a great time to add new elements to your home and improve what’s already there.

Trees and more

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with lots of trees, then you’ve probably also got one or two of those trees hanging out in your yard. Scientists have found evidence that living near trees is good for your quality of life, so enjoy those pine trees and birch trees and weeping willows. In fact, having 10 more trees on a city block is comparable to either an annual income increase of $10,000 or to being seven years younger. But with great trees comes great responsibility, and trees have this unfortunate tendency to get sick and die, and a tree that isn’t dead or sick will still need some regular maintenance to stay in halfway decent shape. How can you recognize a tree that needs TLC versus a tree that needs to be removed and laid to rest? Look for signs like poor structure or visible decay. That includes deadwood, which is just what it sounds like. Remember that a sick tree can make your other trees sick as well, which could leave you with a yard full of dead trees. No one wants that, so call a tree removal expert if you think there’s a problem. A place like Rich’s Tree Service in Fairview, OR, can remove a tree in one of three ways: standard removal, down-only removal, or low-impact tree removal. Standard is just what it sounds like, while down-only removal safely takes down the tree in one or multiple pieces, leaving the homeowner in charge of things like clean-up and limb removal. The low-impact option removes pieces of the tree in small sections as a way of reducing drag damage to the lawn and any surrounding flowers.

Adding a pool or hot tub

Now that any dead trees and limbs are gone, your yard has more room for something like a pool or hot tub. Either one is a great option for relaxing at home at the end of a long day, or even during a week-long staycation. Pools are great for more than relaxation, too, as the available science clearly shows that swimming is a uniquely great workout for people who don’t want a lot of weight bearing down on their joints and muscles. It’s an investment, but heading to the backyard for some exercise is a lot nicer than getting in the car and fighting with traffic on the way to your local gym. Call a swimming pool contractor in New Jersey and see about having your pool open in time for a extravagant Fourth of July barbecue.



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