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Did you know that a mattress could provide you with much more than simply giving you a comfortable place to lie at night? If not then this is a post which you should pay attention to as there are a huge amount of health benefits which a mattress can provide you with. When it comes to your mattress, you should look to replace it after 10 years at the most, and you should also ensure that when you buy your mattress, you are considering the health benefits of the mattress as well as the comfort of it. There are many different mattress types to choose from including spring-loaded, gel cushioned and a memory foam mattress, and here is how they can play a key role in keeping you healthy.

Sleep Quality

The quality of the mattress which you have can be directly linked to the quality of sleep which you get each night. In many cases it is not just about the number of hours of sleep which you get that can benefit you, but rather the quality of the sleep which you manage to have. If you get the mattress right then you can count on better sleep, which in turn will help you to feel more energetic throughout the day, to give you higher levels of concentration, as well as making you feel happier in general.


Sleep also plays a very important role in those who are looking to trim down in weight or switch to a healthy lifestyle. During our hours of sleep, this is the body’s chance to recover, to break down foods and to use the vitamins and nutrients from the food which you have taken on, and send them to where the body needs them most. In layman’s terms, if 2 people with the same body type follow the same diet, and one gets a higher quality of sleep than the other, this person will lose more weight and look healthier. The key to getting the necessary quality of sleep? The right mattress.

Aches and Pains

The health benefits fo mattresses are numerous and one which just about everyone can enjoy is the fact that high quality mattress will be able to help you to remove aches and pains. The reason for this is because of the support which a great mattress can bring, as well as the way that the mattress will contour around your body, providing you with the right amount of support and pressure which the body needs to relax, and to soothe the aches and pains. If you live in a small space, consider a comfortable mattress you can fold.

Back Issues

Back problems and back pain are some of the most common medical complaints in this country, and even if you don’t have any issues in this region of your body, you should be looking to keep it that way. A high-quality mattress, like the eco-friendly Saatva Hybrid, will give the support that your lumbar region needs, both in terms of spinal alignment and muscular assistance. Those with back problems can lower their pain, and those without can look to ensure that their backs stay without problems.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great mattress.


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